Tank meta is back – 5.5 Tier list

New meta 5.5 is HEAVY so get your game on cinderhulk flame on.


The new LoL patch has resurrected the tank jungles and overall the tank meta. In LCS matches we see double or even triple tanks that reek chaos across the back line, while allowing the mid laner and Ad Carry to dish out the maximum amount of damage.

I am going to share my personal tier list for each respective role. Note this is only my personal opinion
Also I am not going to go below tier 1, as most champions are not very effective unless played with high skill.

Top Lane
Gods; Kennen*, Fizz, Irelia, Maokai,
* Kennen is not always the greatest first pick, but if the enemy team has bad mobility. It is hard not to win on Kennen, I got a 100% win rate on him in 6 games.

Tier 1; Lissandra, Rumble, Renekton, Swain

Mid Lane
Gods; LeBlanc, Zed, Lissandra.

Tier 1;  Viktor, Cassiopeia

Gods; Rek Sai…

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elo hell equals bronze forever

The vast majority of LoL players reside in Silver and Bronze rank leagues. There is a low low league of bronze in which players in that league call ELO HELL. If you have ever been there you will know that it can be very hard to get out. My dilemma is that my MMR is so low that the only people I get matched with are trolls and ragers and afk freaks. It has become practically impossible for me to win a ranked game. Until another day I suppose. I feel like pro players like to challenge themselves by delving into the elo hell but really they dont get a real taste bc their mmr is higher than that of their rank. They also have PROFESSIONAL SKILLS and thus can CARRY games. How the hell can anyone progress through this without duo? IDK. Im probably going to work on my smurf account until next year LOL sucks but the reality is that its not fun for me to play with people who arent even trying to win or progress. My smurf MMR is around low gold high silver so I just have to work on making my placement matches OPOP.

LoL AFK: To report or not to report?

LoL AFK: To report or not to report?

OK so Im a little frustrated right now. Ive literally had an afk for the last 5 games in ranked solo q. Only one was a rage quit and I definitely believe it should have been reported so I did. Toxic behaviour like that just isnt good for the competitive scene in League of Legends. The others were seemingly different and I dont quite know how to justify them but yet I also dont feel like they should be penalized even though my score will be penalized.

The servers have been kinda laggy lately and I realize this is probably the reason behind these peoples DC(disconnect from the game). Its kinda rough to come back from a 4-5 minute absence and succeed like you never left. Odds are as soon as the enemy team notices you are a man down they will start pressuring and baiting team fights. Of course if your team is smart they will play safe but lets face it. IM IN BRONZE LOL. Half the team didnt even realize someone went afk in the first place and the other half are tunneling so hard that an easy support kill right in front of an unmarked bush looks great. The baits. SMH.

Left with the screen of DEFEAT my question is: To report or not to report?

Retro Gaming Emulation: howto and whyto

Retro Gaming Emulation: howto and whyto

This ones for all of you out there whose disks are broken, your pockets are deep with lint, your laser wont read, and the motor doesn’t spin as fast. All your base r belong to us.

sonicgifThis is in celebration of my favorite Retro Gaming website EmuParadise 15th birthday and also just honoring all Retro gaming and the Emulation of retro systems and its games.

First of all, I would like to thank the online community for making this possible. All of the open source development is really pushing the envelope and making for better experiences to be had. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with our old gaming systems. Beyond repair? Probably not, but beyond my willingness of time to dedicate to repair? probably for now. lol. This is my thought process for emulation and why it is so common nowadays. As most everyone owns these games and systems anyways it is an oppurtunity to revisit titles on a new frontier and platform.

In order to get into Emulation one must simply be willing to learn how and have access to a computer with their own rights. Be prepared to dedicate some time to reading and trouble shooting. You might also want to have an up to date antivirus. I use Avast. The premium membership offers a sandbox similar to sandboxie.

Grab your system here at emulator-zone . They also have the GPU software and other plugins that may make the game more familiar to you like Controller Plugins. The setups can be difficult coming in with a fresh perspective but its really quite simple. You will also need the system firmware or BIOS which can be found here romcollectorcoool

After that you will need games which of course can be found at EmuParadise.me and all of these services are offered for free. As you can see it can be quite easy to be a cool kid nowadays. Thanks for reading 🙂

Cinderhulk Sejuani Build

Cinderhulk Sejuani Build

After completely wrecking with my Poro Rider Sej I decided to write this up. The new Jungle itemization with cinderhulk vastly improves the gameplay of my favorite jungler Sejuani.cinder

Without having to build into the useless sunfire cape, it allows Sejuani so much more functionality. As a tank it is nice to have some active ability items as well as unique passive ability items.

I believe Sejuani is going to become top tier this season due to insane utility increase with the new jungle upgrades. There arent really any ground breaking guides out there but I believe that LoLkings top rated guide made a good point about how AtkSpd marks are better on Sej than Spell Pen bc of her passive which grants MR and armor every time she autoattacks as well as decreasing the effect of movement slowing abilities on her by increasing amounts at set levels. Although this guide is a bit outdated I went ahead and modeled my masteries and rune pages off this old model.


While discerning in game what to build i quickly realized how much better of a start I can get with the new Jungle items. Normally after finishing my full jungle build I would have to rush sunfire cape and it was just a massive waste of time but was really good back then to get that extra early game dmg and camp clear speed while giving you a tanky edge.

While the cinderhulk improves sej gameplay I think the tank will once again become a strong jungling role. Nice patch Rito oh maker of the almighty meta.

League of Legends guides

League of Legends guides

Everyone who plays league has probably at some point or another tried to learn more about the game..hopefully, and has looked up game guides. There are hundreds if not thousands of guides out there and typically I might read one for a specific champion I havent played much or ever just to get a general idea of what is to be expected of me by my team. Rarely do I follow these guides to a T and rarely do I EVER look at them again.

It could probably be said that this attributes to my lack of skill and endless stall towards making any type of progression. Anyways let me get to the point. Im going to start a series on here where I actually care about META champions and builds and train specifically in those areas by following pro guides and I am going to log my success and failures accordingly making posts when necessary giving a review when I feel the guide is tried and my effort is true.

I DO NOT PLAY ANY META CHAMPIONS ATM. and by meta I generally mean carries bc having a meta supp or even jung will not win you a game if your team is terrible. The consensus I find is that in Bronze and Silver you will need to carry as hard as possible in any Role. Being that I typically main Jungle and Supp I have a hard time winning relying on others to break their backs for me. This is me genuinely trying to improve my game play by picking up meta champs, following “pro” guides and making a record of it.

If you have any suggestions feel free to comment otherwise stay tuned for the first helpisode of LoL guide reviews.

Azure Dreams PSX Retro Rundown

Azure Dreams PSX Retro Rundown

I recently got ahold of this gem on EmuParadise. Having no earlier experience in this game, I jumped in with zero expectations and was wow’d. I really enjoyed the game, so far putting in about ten hours. The artwork is really stylish and has a great anime feel. The character models are not on par with say, Final Fantasy, but are pleasing to the eye. It is easy to be able to discern the difference between various monsters and the familiar NPCs and with a somewhat 3D aspect. Although, the landscape is sullen and lacking this is possibly for a good reason though I have not gotten that far yet.

The game throws you into the barren desert land city of Monsbaiya. Which is explained in the game to be named this bc this city is a hub for buying and selling monsters. Next to the city you will notice rather quickly a MASSIVE and terribly menacing looking tower. This is where the monsters come from and basically your stomping grounds throughout the game.

A young boy becomes a man on his 15th birthday. Traditionally, this is when he is finally allowed to enter the tower and pursue the dreams of becoming a monster hunter and tamer. Our story begins with a painstaking WWF elbow drop to an unsuspecting main character named Koh from a cute little number named Nico. There are a few other scenes before this but nothing else really stood out besides the story about the father and how he was the best monster hunter and he never returned from the tower. ALSO, the moment of your birth which I found rather funny bc you talk to an angel who is a flying baby about what name you would like to have.NicoAnimated.gif~c200

So you got no money, no gear, I think mom might have given you some potent herbs but lets face it. You are broke and hopeless. You talk to some older hunters at the bar and they pretty much laugh at your face. Walking around town you quickly notice everyone is dirt poor besides one family and compared to them you get no respect. There is little left to do besides begin your career as a monster hunter and start showing these people that you are going to be their savior.

On your way to the tower you meet a flying dragon type looking monster called a Kewne. Assuming he must have been a monster belonging to you father you should probably accept his attempts at being friendly and enter the tower with him by your side.

The combat system is turn based. Allowing you to equip a weapon and a shield and utilize the abilities of your tamed monsters when out on a collar. I’m not sure when you get more than one collar but it definitely happens sometime. I named my kewne Jafar and hes the best monster I have so far, maybe just bc hes the highest level but haha idk. The best equipment combo I have found is the life wand and the live shield. The life wand steals health and the live shield retaliates when attacked. With this combo you can safely manage the first four floors to save your monsters MP for the more difficult floors.

Its always a good idea to use a wind crystal which evacuates you from the tower when you have found multiple pita fruit or monster eggs. I say this bc you don’t want to risk dying and losing these items and its not such a big deal to reenter the tower. In fact I would recommend saving up pita fruit for your attempt to make it the farthest bc your monster will run out of mana very quickly otherwise around the seventh to the eighth floors.

For those LOVEBIRDS out there don’t worry you will be happily accommodated as this game is straight and GB(gayboy) friendly. There are many suitable relationships to build within the town and even a possible man to man relationship. I haven’t sought out this area yet just deduced the idea by the fortune teller questions and answers.

fanart by http://rin-uzuki.deviantart.com/
fanart by http://rin-uzuki.deviantart.com/

Overall the game is very entertaining and enjoyable even after ten hours I find myself wanting to delve further into the tower and uncover its secrets. The characters are very likable and beautifully animated. The progression can seem slow at first but picks up rather quickly with each intrusion of the tower. And finally the storyline is just crafted so well with small events constantly keeping you pushing for further progression and mystified by the possibilities.

I recommend if you have not heard of this game find a copy and give it a shot.