Being away from home allows me the opportunity to explore. To experience the splendor of adventure and spend my time saving the princess.. hold up. Why am I playing video games in my pursuit of adventure in the real world? Priorities! You have to save the princess. Its pretty basic. Damsel in Distress; the classic scenario. Some don’t see this as an opportunity such as that of a chore. You are bound by the laws of man. If you don’t save this Princess then you yourself will never reach true potential. The true potential of being a well renown bad-ass. Does it matter that your renown is confined to the medium of which is your gaming console?  Please, dont ask me. Cynically self absorbed into this culture of gaming I must not concern myself with these questions. For now we must move forward.

Currently emulating on my Android phone. Using John GBA Lite. I play a few other GBA titles as well but of course we are not talking about those today.. I get my ROMS from emuparadise and if you are new to emulating or just want to check out my work Retro Gaming Emulation: howto and whyto.

Artist bellhenge


Ahhh, The Legend of Zelda. What a nostalgic title for me. You too? That makes three of us.. Numbers and words smh… heh. This specific title for GBA is simply put outstanding. Very fun to play with everything you love from the classic NES and GB title with loads more. The Minish Cap is very inviting and can easily be enjoyed by all ages. The puzzles and mastery of skills and items has left me wanting to hack and slash my way back through every deaths recap. Yes. I have died. Will continue to die and will continue to live on.

I will try not to spoil anything for those who have not had the pleasure of exploring this game yet. I would like to talk about some of the things I like about this title. The level design is flawless and very entertaining to embark into. I think the minish cap really banked on its ability to utilize the space provided to it maximum potential. It allows you to very early realize that there is more potential in the early levels than what you are allowed to partake in at present time. This gave me a meaningful purpose and an easy eye on the prize mentality.

minish capThe actual game design is beautiful. The colors are vibrant and well contrasted in particular events and scenes. The gameplay is smooth and controls are clearly executed to a high degree of perfection. Storytelling is very entertaining and well thought. Many secrets to uncover. Lack of in game secret checklist is nice. I enjoy finding them by suprise! The artwork is very nice. The game is a must play for anyone who enjoys retro style 2D sprites.

It can be rather annoying to switch weapons all the time. I wish there were a quick switch  with maybe two favorites to make the gameplay a bit more smooth. I also think there should be an earlier 2nd Wallet upgrade. Otherwise you just end up spending your hard earned rupees on lots of treasure containing pies and sweets. I enjoy the sidequests too much to allow them to sit idly by. You should also know that you will spend a considerable amount of time treasure hunting if you dont want to mow the lawn. rupes

Being a kid is hard work but you’re going to save this princess so saving up for that sweet boomerang is a definite must. Ive personally found multiple 200 Rupi in various hidden chests before even defeating the second boss. Adventure hard and spend quick. Catch some chickens= PAYDAY!Pies and sweets for days. Every blade of grass, tree, rock, pot, hole, chimney, shoe, etc. can be manipulated in some way shape or form to enhance the progression of the game.

All in all I believe Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap to be one of the best games for the GBA(Gameboy Advance) and strongly urge you to pick it up and try it out.


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