elo hell equals bronze forever

The vast majority of LoL players reside in Silver and Bronze rank leagues. There is a low low league of bronze in which players in that league call ELO HELL. If you have ever been there you will know that it can be very hard to get out. My dilemma is that my MMR is so low that the only people I get matched with are trolls and ragers and afk freaks. It has become practically impossible for me to win a ranked game. Until another day I suppose. I feel like pro players like to challenge themselves by delving into the elo hell but really they dont get a real taste bc their mmr is higher than that of their rank. They also have PROFESSIONAL SKILLS and thus can CARRY games. How the hell can anyone progress through this without duo? IDK. Im probably going to work on my smurf account until next year LOL sucks but the reality is that its not fun for me to play with people who arent even trying to win or progress. My smurf MMR is around low gold high silver so I just have to work on making my placement matches OPOP.


3 thoughts on “elo hell equals bronze forever

    1. I completely realize this is a very controversial topic. I do not play carries tho mate. I main Jungle and Supp. At one time my elo was around 1375 but now im sitting in 800 like wth can I possibly do to keep the game from tilting when people dont even realize priority of objective or map awareness is all they need to win. Im not even saying WIN YOUR LANE AND WIN YOUR GAME bc its simply not true I have seen sooooo many games that the entire map was won by one side and yet their team compatibility was just so terrible bc they all had different priorities. There is literally no communication besides your random insult or someone bashing someone else for a mistake. It’s like this in Bronze much more so than in Silver. The average bronze player is typically not happy about being in bronze. Ive witnessed people in bronze shrug off advice from other people in bronze bc THEY WERE IN BRONZE. lol its literally madness out there. Obviously its not a physical place. But in the mind of so many it has become real and thus it is practically a reality for my bronze 4 grind. Im struggling to see the light but I know its there I dont belong in this elo and its only a matter of time before I can rise up. But then I get another game with rage quitter. or another game with troll. lol I had a game where I asked for Sejuani to not be banned after presumably getting the jungle role. This dude banned her very last second just to spite me asking. lol its ludicrous mate. IDK how you can act like bronze is legit even competitive. I feel like higher elo smurfs just troll bronze to keep people from progressing sometimes. The paranoia >.> <.< LOL. Anyways Im not giving up just feeling discouraged about the struggle sorry for my rant.


      1. Waow didn’t expect the long reply haha x) Well if you’re on EUW you can add me and perhaps we can play sometime ( O Wild x Rice E ). Oh and have you tried playing good 1v1 champions e.g Zed or Yasuo? It can be quite strong in low ELO where people like to fight constantly, just split push the entirety of the game and force people to come top and if they don’t, push as hard as you can; of course while playing it the safest way possible by having vision.

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