Well its been awhile since I made a contribution to my log of progress into the race for gold. As it stands, I will be able to attain Bronze 1 rank as soon as I can make it to my series. I was able to acquire a free win somehow that goes towards my series wins. Bronze is just a challenge to jungle main and support secondary role. As a Teemo main my experience in ranked is really disappointing. I have had some really great games but being Teemo will bring out the worst in people including the members of your team. Just to recap, I have switched from playing Teemo which only primarily worked in bronze 4 until I can attain some higher elo players with a better attitude of the game.

The fact that it worked in the lower rank tier is so beyond strange to me. The higher I went up in rank the more people on my team had bad attitudes about my choice to play Teemo. I will agree I did have a few bad games. Of course I had some AFK but lately, it has not been nearly as frequent. Last night I experienced some really high server lag. I do hope that the AFK stays away. It takes away so much fun.

I have made it to my series in Bronze 2 three times so far. Needless to say, I am getting annoyed by the unlucky teams I get in my series. But then again, I have usually only made it to my series after a long win streak. The way she goes. I’m suffering from elo hell in the worst way. My actual MMR(matchmaker rating) is starting to pick up in most games. I am being placed with low silvers although the average rank among the team tends to flip-flop. There isn’t a lot I have to say about Bronze as a whole. There are some good players in Bronze there is no doubt. They are few and far in between but they do rise given time to.

I hope to be out of bronze before Halloween. Goals. lol. I have picked up two new Junglers and maybe we should talk about that. Coming from maining Teemo to maining Jungle and secondary Support.

How hard is it for you to learn a new champion that falls into a similar role that you are used to playing?

I was able to pick up Amumu and Gragas with quite ease and it literally only took me a few hours each. Before I took them into ranked I had played at least one game beforehand without losing in a regular match. I’ve been carried this far. Just playing but I did give a lower ranked bronzie brother some help in his series which resulted in a promotion. I do prefer to solo but I can’t deny that if you can play with someone you have developed a synergy with you will win lots more games.

Obviously, maining jungle I am always going to have to admit that Sejuani just has the perfect playstyle for me. I main her simply bc she has everything a team needs to secure kills and ensure successful ganks. She is also very mobile. Amumu is not mobile at all although he can make some pretty decent plays with his Q and Ult. Amumu is probably the most stun heavy jungler. I would say he is literally the easiest jungler I have ever picked up besides Warwick who in my honest opinion is not really viable in ranked FOR ME. Gragas, on the other hand, is like a jack of all trades and can be quite mobile offering some really nice and unique CC with his ult.

Support has been quite a fun time for me as of late as well. Two supports I believe you can’t go wrong with would be Blitzcrank and Soraka. An honorable mention to the lovely Janna of course as I have made some magic happen with her kit. Support is such a frustration to main. I just can’t stand to lane with someone who doesn’t synergize with my playstyle. I did main support for a long time but it really wrecked my MMR in season 5 causing me to go from silver 4 to bronze 5 and the climb continues. Somehow I always manage to climb out with the small amount of time I’m actually able to dedicate towards playing.

I actually ended a game with Soraka to the tune of Al Greens’ Love and Happiness the other day with a KDA of 2/1/17 which¬† comes out to 19:1. Soraka heals and heals, in general, are really overpowered right now. Another heavy heal support with a very nice kit is Sona and she actually has the highest win rate in the game at this time.

Its been a really rough start but things are starting to pick up a bit and my games are getting slowly but surely more in tune to actual competition level and not just troll status. So let’s strap on those moonboots and shoot for the stars! Silver soon and Gold on the horizon.


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