Really great way to promote teamwork by Riot. I for one will be partaking in this event. The team builder is excellent for finding people to participate in this with you. Ive been adding my team build team and re q for blind draft to max the payout possibility! HMU for the league party!

You Choose the Path your Life Goes

This new thing from Riot will make players play League of Legends like it is supposed to be played – with teamwork. The way party rewards work is that you and your friends queue for any matchmade queue and the entire group earns a chance at multiplying the standard IP reward. There is a chance that your group doesn’t win a party reward, but bigger the group there is a bigger chance of winning. There even is a massive IP reward for some lucky players.

These are the maximum multipliers:

  • Party of one – None;
  • Party of two – 4x IP;
  • Party of three – 6x IP;
  • Party of four – 8x IP;
  • Full team – 16x IP.

So what are you waiting for? Queue up with your friends and win that IP 🙂

Check out the full explanation here.

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