Been putting this one off for as long as I could but I think its time. Hello everyone, My name is Riley and im addicted to League of Legends. ;P

The extremely popular multiplayer online battle arena(MOBA) League of Legends(LoL) is a free to play pure player versus player experience. The company Riot who has developed the game was created in 2006 by Brandon “Ryze” Beck, and Marc “Tryndamere” Merrill in Los Angeles. They announced their first title League of Legends: Clash of Fates, in October 2008, releasing the game a year later under the simplified name League of Legends.

LoL is modeled after the Warcraft III custom game mode spinoff Defense of the Ancients. Becoming wildly successful due to the free to play model, quality content, and ever progressive development the company raised over 15 million dollars in investments only three years after creation. In 2011 Riot was bought out by TenCent for $231,465,000. The company is still growing and claims that LoL is the most popular game worldwide.

fan art by
fan art by

For me the game was a way to relate to and hang out with friends at first but I quickly became engrossed in the ever expanding gameplay. I have been playing for about three years now and I dont consider myself even remotely skilled even though I would love to stake a claim in that area. I find myself playing a variety of roles but mainly I enjoy and “MAIN” jungle and support.

The Review: League of Legends is a fast-paced, competitive online game that blends the speed and intensity of an RTS with RPG elements. This is the description found on their website. You wont be spending any less than 20 minutes in a game unless its just complete and total domination by one team. The game is so highly competitive that other players will become aggressive towards newer players for their lack of game knowledge and or skills. The roleplaying elements described are simple lore entries that back up the characters created and define their walk of life and help explain their mannerisms and background.

I believe Riot has done a good job creating this game and keeping it up to date in development. The overall average time of a game is 40-45mins and im not sure if I can consider that all that fast-paced because the time spent in a fight 1v1, 2v2, or 5v5 is very small considering the amount of time you are spending farming or strategizing. Being such a popular competitive game has its downsides though. There is always going to be a team that wins and a team that loses. This can create very salty reactions and may incite toxic behavior to spring forward including players rage quitting and going AFK. There is the troll dilemma as well however this problem can be somewhat avoided by being respectful and charming to those you encounter.

The champion selection is also of a very high quality with great characters who show there personalities in all aspects of the game. Skins can also be purchased to change the appearance and other things about champions. The voice over work is fantastic and sounds very authentic making the game very enjoyable for all types of players.lulu_cosplay___league_of_legends_by_rae_yei-d5bvvf6

The player-base of LoL is massive and extremely inspired by this game. Countless pieces of fan-art and data concerning champion builds, guides, and many more interesting concepts such as lore and developmental ideas can be found online. See

What could possibly be wrong with this game besides the toxicity of the city? It can pretty much eat your wallet if you are impatient and forget about paying for champions with IP. You have to buy RUNES, or you will never see the true potential of pvp in this game.

Ways I think the game could be improved? More easily accessible champion selection, meaning lower the prices. Provide official meta disclaimers and offer a guide describing the current metas and what that means and how it affects the average player. Create a Champion Select VOTE TO KICK button for obvious trolls or griefers. Create a Ranked Q team build with role specification only. Continue developing this awesome game with awesome new champions.


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