Tank meta is back – 5.5 Tier list

New meta 5.5 is HEAVY so get your game on cinderhulk flame on.


The new LoL patch has resurrected the tank jungles and overall the tank meta. In LCS matches we see double or even triple tanks that reek chaos across the back line, while allowing the mid laner and Ad Carry to dish out the maximum amount of damage.

I am going to share my personal tier list for each respective role. Note this is only my personal opinion
Also I am not going to go below tier 1, as most champions are not very effective unless played with high skill.

Top Lane
Gods; Kennen*, Fizz, Irelia, Maokai,
* Kennen is not always the greatest first pick, but if the enemy team has bad mobility. It is hard not to win on Kennen, I got a 100% win rate on him in 6 games.

Tier 1; Lissandra, Rumble, Renekton, Swain

Mid Lane
Gods; LeBlanc, Zed, Lissandra.

Tier 1;  Viktor, Cassiopeia

Gods; Rek Sai…

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