Everyone who plays league has probably at some point or another tried to learn more about the game..hopefully, and has looked up game guides. There are hundreds if not thousands of guides out there and typically I might read one for a specific champion I havent played much or ever just to get a general idea of what is to be expected of me by my team. Rarely do I follow these guides to a T and rarely do I EVER look at them again.

It could probably be said that this attributes to my lack of skill and endless stall towards making any type of progression. Anyways let me get to the point. Im going to start a series on here where I actually care about META champions and builds and train specifically in those areas by following pro guides and I am going to log my success and failures accordingly making posts when necessary giving a review when I feel the guide is tried and my effort is true.

I DO NOT PLAY ANY META CHAMPIONS ATM. and by meta I generally mean carries bc having a meta supp or even jung will not win you a game if your team is terrible. The consensus I find is that in Bronze and Silver you will need to carry as hard as possible in any Role. Being that I typically main Jungle and Supp I have a hard time winning relying on others to break their backs for me. This is me genuinely trying to improve my game play by picking up meta champs, following “pro” guides and making a record of it.

If you have any suggestions feel free to comment otherwise stay tuned for the first helpisode of LoL guide reviews.


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