OK so Im a little frustrated right now. Ive literally had an afk for the last 5 games in ranked solo q. Only one was a rage quit and I definitely believe it should have been reported so I did. Toxic behaviour like that just isnt good for the competitive scene in League of Legends. The others were seemingly different and I dont quite know how to justify them but yet I also dont feel like they should be penalized even though my score will be penalized.

The servers have been kinda laggy lately and I realize this is probably the reason behind these peoples DC(disconnect from the game). Its kinda rough to come back from a 4-5 minute absence and succeed like you never left. Odds are as soon as the enemy team notices you are a man down they will start pressuring and baiting team fights. Of course if your team is smart they will play safe but lets face it. IM IN BRONZE LOL. Half the team didnt even realize someone went afk in the first place and the other half are tunneling so hard that an easy support kill right in front of an unmarked bush looks great. The baits. SMH.

Left with the screen of DEFEAT my question is: To report or not to report?


6 thoughts on “LoL AFK: To report or not to report?

    1. Right, and a situation like that is something that well, honestly should be reported. In League of Legends though, if you are playing ranked matches you should have dedicated atleast 45-60 mins to be set aside distraction free to enjoy the game and concentrate on the competitive pure player v player match. The most common type of AFK IME(in my experience) is rage quitting. Closely followed by connection issues. The real issue at hand is, can I really feel like someone with connection issues deserves to be reported? Which could eventually cause them to be banned from gameplay for a period of time. IDK. Its hard to say. I guess if it happens a lot, but its definitely happened to me before so I can understand how it can be frustrating to them too, being that they want to win as well. I mean they didnt sign up for a ranked match for nothing.

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  1. Does reporting even do anything? I’ve spent a good amount of time with plenty of games, and I’ve always ran into this problem. I used to report at first, because it was so annoying. Over time, I’ve tried to ignore it the best I can lol.

    I have no experience with this game, but I feel your pain. I use to hate running into this in Halo ranked play.

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    1. Well League actually has a really good system called the tribunal where other players can moderate the judgement of cases where someone was reported. It isnt always done right in my opinion but the rules are actually VERY strict and you are virtually at the mercy of the tribunal and the other players when it comes to being punished. I have never went AFK during a ranked match but I have had more important business come up during a regular match that deserved my full attention. So I have received punishment ONCE ever in three years of playing league but supposedly the rules are even more strict now and the punishments worse. So yea its kinda bad to get punished in league bc they suspend your account for a duration of time. Mine lasted about three days. Not that big of a deal but its three days noone has to worry about you afk in their match i suppose. If you just let that type of behavior slide then it will be accepted and repeated so i am pretty heavy about players following the rules or getting reported.

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      1. This system seems like a good one, I wish more games on consoles had something similar. Everything on consoles just seems like you can get away with it. Although in certain games going AFK or quitting too much can lead to a temp ban.

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      2. For that reason I just dont play online with consoles. I have a 360 but refuse to pay for XBOXlive. Right now im really enjoying Bioshock and the Halo 3 campaign. Although I know Halo would be more fun online as most FPS are I also remember the steady learning curve that comes with switching off PC to the controller. I dont often play games on XBOX but getting Bioshock and Halo3 for $15 reinspired my drive. After Im once again decent with the controls I might pick up live but until then Im just playing for the storylines. I am very competitive and want to win and my skills just arent quite there yet.

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