After completely wrecking with my Poro Rider Sej I decided to write this up. The new Jungle itemization with cinderhulk vastly improves the gameplay of my favorite jungler Sejuani.cinder

Without having to build into the useless sunfire cape, it allows Sejuani so much more functionality. As a tank it is nice to have some active ability items as well as unique passive ability items.

I believe Sejuani is going to become top tier this season due to insane utility increase with the new jungle upgrades. There arent really any ground breaking guides out there but I believe that LoLkings top rated guide made a good point about how AtkSpd marks are better on Sej than Spell Pen bc of her passive which grants MR and armor every time she autoattacks as well as decreasing the effect of movement slowing abilities on her by increasing amounts at set levels. Although this guide is a bit outdated I went ahead and modeled my masteries and rune pages off this old model.


While discerning in game what to build i quickly realized how much better of a start I can get with the new Jungle items. Normally after finishing my full jungle build I would have to rush sunfire cape and it was just a massive waste of time but was really good back then to get that extra early game dmg and camp clear speed while giving you a tanky edge.

While the cinderhulk improves sej gameplay I think the tank will once again become a strong jungling role. Nice patch Rito oh maker of the almighty meta.


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