DotA2 The N00B Review

DotA2 The N00B Review

In my absence from posting on here I have been very busy with life stuff. Looking for gainful employment, catching up on breaking bad, socializing and staying in touch with loved ones among other things. I also took a few hours aside after downloading DotA2 to familiarize myself with it and play the tutorial and a few bot matches.

cosplay by
cosplay by

First of all the tutorial was absolutely splendid and I honestly loved it. Im going to give a very bland description of the experience I had. I get into the bot game and im farming, im farming, poking and farming, poking and farming, the game is similar to league in this! Everyone should know I love LoL. I just quickly lost interest in this slow moving creep towards tower destruction. I had a hard time securing kills. Even when trying different roles in different bot games I still just couldnt enjoy any of the experience. It was not any slower than what LoL would have been but it just seemed to drag on relentlessly and bore me.

I honestly want to say its the dark and foreboding color scheme. Not that LoL is bright and happy but the blues and purples just seem to be a better choice for such a lengthy type of game. I like the secret shop idea and the flying donkey as well those are both top notch features that make things interesting. It’s also interesting to me that you can deny gold to the enemy teams my destroying your own buildings. Very strategic plans could be made.


The game seems pretty solid with a high fan base but I just cant get into the groove of enjoying the play. I had such high hopes from the beautiful tutorial but soon lost interest and havent made the venture back yet. Hopefully soon I will be able to give it a proper go and hold a serious opinion about it but until then im stuck with LoL and Smite.


The Mean Chow Lean Diet

The Mean Chow Lean Diet

OK so this is a bit different from my usual post and for many reasons I just think that people need to know about this product. Nissin Chow Mein. First of all I only heard about this product through a youtube video this lady who is seeking money made to feed herself begging. I didnt think much of it at first like she’s probably really poor or something but it just really started playing on my heart strings when she started crying and.. I was hooked.


Looking to my roommate “WE HAVE TO TRY THIS STUFF!”

30 mins later we are unwrapping the package and reading the instructions. I got the chicken teriyaki and emptied the little package of dried chicken and vegetables into the plastic container. Filled it up to the line with water and set the microwave up for 5 mins. The wait seemed like forever. My mouth was watering. My eyes already filled with tears from the joyous occasion. As I heard the beeep beeep beeeep of the microwave I jump into action removing the container carefully inserting the sauce flavoring and mixing it til a perfect coat of deliciousness covered the entirety of the 75 cent noodles.


The moment of truth!


Since then I have come to find a favorite; Spicy Teriyaki Beef. I like to add some chicken and a little golden mountain sauce.


[2G4Y4U] Ranked 5s team Interview

[2G4Y4U] Ranked 5s team Interview

Bringing you this exclusive interview with a new up and coming team in the NA ranked 5s scene, we have [2G4Y4U].

I spoke with three of the members today before we headed into the battlefield. Team Captain Riqared was happy to help me setup the interview and seemed excited to express himself and represent the team. He was also able to arrange for two other members Nudist Buddhist and StealthyQuietCat to speak as well. The team started on Jan 4 2015 and was placed in Silver IV with six out of ten wins in placement matches. They have since went on to a 7W-6L score.

[LeisureLeague]: so first of all whats the name of your team
Nudist Buddhist: 2G4Y4U
Nudist Buddhist: inc.
[LeisureLeague]: in translation what does that stand for
Riqared: We don’t really have a true name yet considering that we are really just starting up
Riqared: If we keep the team, we will change the name
Riqared: Too gay for you
[LeisureLeague]: LOL
[LeisureLeague]: very nice

[LeisureLeague]: do you have specific roles that you play each game or do you switch and sub out?
Nudist Buddhist: IM MID OR FEED
Nudist Buddhist: or mid and feed c:
Riqared: We have set roles. They are susceptible to change, but we would prefer to keep them as they are and have each of us learn them more extently as we continue

[LeisureLeague]: and how long have you been playing together?
Nudist Buddhist: 3 years off and on

[LeisureLeague]: what are your intention for LoL this year?
Riqared: To progress more as a team player > as an individual > in my position

[LeisureLeague]: TEEEMO jungle.. OP?
StealthyQuietCat: NOp
[LeisureLeague]: ahh

[LeisureLeague]: so how do you guys prepare for ranked 5s?
Nudist Buddhist: we honestly dont..
Riqared: You experience ranked and benefit the most from actually playing ranked right now we are learning how we work together, how to be constructive with criticism, and how to compliment each others champions for a better team composition

[LeisureLeague]: so what are your projections for the next LCS?
Riqared: I didn’t actively keep up with competitive League playing when it’s not LCS
StealthyQuietCat: sneaky is bae

[LeisureLeague]: so what champions do you think shud be permabanned or nerfd
Nudist Buddhist: akali

[LeisureLeague]: how do you contain the rage during games?
Nudist Buddhist: yell at StealthyQuietCat
Nudist Buddhist: he is our stress relief
StealthyQuietCat: yep
StealthyQuietCat: šŸ˜¦

[LeisureLeague]: Is it possible to embrace the tilt of a losing game and turn it around?
StealthyQuietCat: it can be if we have a positive outlook and believe in the power of friendship
[LeisureLeague]: HEY I LIKE THAT
Riqared: Tilt is never a good thing to really have, think of each game as a new game, while remembering mistakes and learning from them.

[LeisureLeague]: is LoL for the lulz or could it possibly be SRS BSNS?
Nudist Buddhist: srs
StealthyQuietCat: srz
Riqared: Normal games are for messing around, but not trolling, while ranked should be taken seriously, just to be considerate of others

Ranking Up and Raising the Stakes

Ranking Up and Raising the Stakes

Okay, so I have been playing A LOT of LoL lately. Recently reached Silver III from Bronze I in like a week. Which is really cool to me since I only just started playing again like a month ago lol. Right now I am maining support with toons like Thresh and Alistar. My would be mains Shyvana and SejuaniĀ JUNGLE have not been giving me much luck. But I did have some really good matches with Teemo top and even considered maining Teemo. This idea quickly made the backburner when I was last pick 3 games in a row and had to support. I really dont mind but people hate when I teemo support even tho im really good at it.

My Terrible Stats...
My Terrible Stats…

I would really just like to brush up on the ideas behind going ranked versus just playing casually. I believe that casual gameplay would inspire someone to play ranked. likewise i believe that ranked gameplay would do the same for casual. they go hand in hand with competitive gaming.

In LoL there are no rules to when you can start playing ranked besides being lvl 30 and owning a set amount of champions. Rito doesnt require you to have 3 champs in each role that you can rely upon if it so happens that you will have to play this role. It just becomes an unspoken rule. If you are serious about ranked and actually applying yourself to becoming a better player then you will make the appropriate safe guards for any situation. Including making sure you at the least have 2 full rune pages with AP and AD runes.

I know I’m not a pro and I know that im probably not even good at all lol but the acknowledgement of these things gives me a wonderful opportunity: making improvement. I think to make improvement is the only way you can really even have fun playing this game. It can be difficult sometimes when you are losing to look at what you did wrong when you won your lane. This is a very important tool towards improving: NEVER FLAME OR BLAME.

Understanding each champion can also be difficult for those of us who are not veterans to this game and I believe it is imperative to always try to crunch in some research if you dont fully understand the enemy champions abilities or top builds. I will usually leave Mobafire up in my browser before I begin a match and if I find myself facing someone im not comfortable laning against or even late game team fighting against I will alt tab and look that junk up.

There is so much going on in this game at all times. It can really confuse you as to the tactics of your team or enemy team. Overall I believe that staying positive and keeping a good focus will keep your team from tunneling and tilting the tide in favor of the enemy team even if you are down by half in kills you can still have one good teamfight and turn it around being able to take some objective and gain some ground. Just keep fighting the good fight and if you see your mates making some bad plays dont let it get you down.


Final Fantasy IX Retro psx emu babies

Final Fantasy IX Retro psx emu babies

So, after downloading the latest epsxe and acquiring the proper addons at romcollector and emulatorzone I began my journey into the beautiful land of Final Fantasy IX my favorite of the final fantasy series. I love the artwork in this game it is cartoony and holds a lot of depth and really suits the atmosphere of the game. The storyline is really something you dont want to miss out on as well with so many good characters that always make me laugh. The battle mechanics are easy to understand and progression into the story is quick and breezy never leaving you with a dull moment.

Anyways, we meet the main character Zidane after the opening scene that shows a beautiful girls dream of a simple ship against a great storm. She then awakens in front of a window with a sunlit sky full of happy birds atop a great castle standing above the grand city of Alexandria. Zooming across the horizon we see a great ship sailing through the clouds and on the bow a winged mermaid. Here we are, aboard the magnificent flying airship Tantalus. We arrive in a dark room holding a candle and given control at this point to walk around. After exploring the small room I find some hidden items, a sign defining the ship and its maximum occupancy, and proceed to light the candle which brings the other members of Tantalus(Blank, Cinna, and Marcus) out to greet me.


Shortly after our hellos in comes a dragon headed man beast who releases a mighty roar and lays down a fierce beating as it initiates a fight with my party. One of my party members Cinna; A rather ugly looking fellow with a sledge hammer looking weapon(mace), dies twice in the battle from one hit of this dragon headed mans sword. Being in a party of thieves isnt all that bad though, they may be rather weak but I am able to grab a few nice items off the beast including a Mage Masher which is a really good item for the main character.


As I defeat the beast his head split into two pieces and falls to the wayside revealing a human head beneath. Ah, it is our cunning leader Baku and he is about to debrief us into our next mission. In this den of thieves the gang reviews the plot in order to steal the beautiful princes Garnet. Only by posing as a theater troupe do they gain such close access to the princess and so they must put on a play in order to hatch out the devious job.


Ive been playing for about two hours now and have gotten past the abduction though I wont ruin it for you. I really just meant for this to be a teaser and maybe entice others into buckling down for a nice retro style RPG. This particular one is my very first one ever played surprisingly and led me to playing many many more. A close second favorite being The Legend of Dragoon also for ps1. This genre of gaming has helped me to enjoy many many hours in my childhood and moving forward into my adulthood I can still find the time to enjoy sitting down and admiring the artwork, storyline, and just overall great functionality of this game.

Breaking the Meta

Breaking the Meta

The meta is something that is made popular by the pros and discovered by players like you and me. All that it really means is that a certain champion or god performs exceptionally well at doing a certain job specifically better than the other choices for the same job. So what happens when we introduce another job specific champion or god into a different role they normally wouldnt be playing or build into a specific function that may not otherwise be defined in the game other than by your own observation? This is breaking the meta.

There are too many too list in league and i’m not quite all there yet in smite. They are constantly changing as they gain popularity and become a somewhat counter meta pick. This type of playing can commonly be referred to as trolling in the solo q as your team doesnt exactly understand what you are trying to do but if they are experienced enough will understand that it is a serious effort and will not give you hell for trying something new.

One of my favorite types of counter meta builds is a high mobility high lane clear split push specialist. Mostly with this style of build I dont want a high util champion who will be needed in team fights but someone like teemo who is really best at being a bait n troll. Really any champion can succeed at building for this type of play style but I find that teemo exceeds with his kiting capacity and with a hurricane his lane clear becomes incredibly fast.

Typically I will try to make a presence in a lane killing a few minions near my team and setting up a few traps with mushrooms for the engage or disengage. Then make my way to the most vacant lane and begin my push while keeping an eye on the team fight watching for any of the enemy breaking away at which I will simply leave and start taking jungle farm making my way back to the team and or the other lane. This type of pressure allows for your team to always have the advantage with taking the enemy jungle and buffs as well as dragon. Hurricane being the core item. Liandry’s is nice for your shrooms. Guinsoo’s can help bring some hybrid bruising into your gameplay and helps clear lanes faster. You might want to pick up Twin Shadows as well just to make certain of your escape from a lane. If you want more shroom pain a Rabadons will do nicely. Always coming in and out of combat you might wanna get mobil boots but the Atk Spd from Berserkers isnt bad.

fanart by
fanart by

Anyways thats my teemo split push build. I’d love to hear some legendary rare outside the meta builds from you!

Smite VS. LoL

Smite VS. LoL

With my two years of LoL experience it wasn’t too difficult for me to pick up the skills needed in smite to win my first few matches and overall quickly understand the fundamentals to the success of a match. Whereas in LoL I struggled even with having my brother and his group of friends teach me the ways as i only played maybe a game or two every week or so.

Coming to the topic of which game is better and more worth your time.

I find myself playing more games of smite everyday compared to LoL and though I still consider LoL to be my favorite I’m starting to wonder if that may soon change. Things such as the amount of heroes/champions I think will always play in favor of LoL having been around longer and having a vast amount of playable characters. There is a large difference in the quality of the old vs new characters to be played in LoL though and I think this can clearly be seen with a champion such as Yasuo whose Ult can be universally used after any knock-up ability. While the content is all free to the extent that you can buy it with IP it can still take more time than what most people care to put into the game anymore in order to have access to the new champions and is fast on the radar to being a pay to win game for the casual gamer.

This is the push that I believe smite is controlling with its virtually impossible to beat reward system. More content is being released and although the god rotation for the freebies doesn’t rotate nearly as fast as I would like the rewards are so much higher that it almost doesn’t matter to me bc I can buy 2-3 gods before I even have to make a decision to buy the god that just left the rotation. Ive only been playing smite now for 2 months if that and I have 5 masteries and own over 10 gods with a decent win ratio of about 1/1. The same amount of time in LoL with the same win ratio would only allot me to have attained maybe three 6300ip champs if I wanted the newer champs.

Both of the game engines have similarities to previously existing games although the artwork and graphics are somewhat original. LoL has tried to become completely original with its characters and lore and i do applaud that. Smite on the other hand gives people something that they already know(gods) and has real world relation so that is also really cool. The play style of smite may take a small while to get used to coming from league but the entirety of the league play style is harder to get used to for anyone. Overall for graphics, I really dig the leagues cartoony style. But for playability and function I gotta go with smite and the engine they use, the functionality of it is just mad easy to get used to and feels right.

Time in game may not mean a lot to people who have plenty of time to blow but for most people they want a game that is going to give them more for less. I really just cannot see myself spending 4+ hours a day playing league and MAYBE farming 1.5k ip when I can play smite for 2 hours and gain the same amount of in game currency. Its really just not worth it to me anymore and it sucks bc I love to LoL with all my friends but I cant see myself devoting more time to that game with so little reward. The longest match I have been in with smite is about 45mins and that’s bc it was crazy close. The longest match in LoL I’ve had lasted 70mins. On average LoL matches last about 35-45mins whereas Smite matches last about 20-30mins.

No matter where you stand its just a matter of preference I suppose. I myself being more time oriented nowadays than in my past prefer smite. I used to LoL til my heart was content and then LoL some more. Things change and until there is more effort on Riots end to reward its player base I just cant see myself becoming a serious LoL player like I used to be.

LoL fanart by
LoL fanart by