I recently got ahold of this gem on EmuParadise. Having no earlier experience in this game, I jumped in with zero expectations and was wow’d. I really enjoyed the game, so far putting in about ten hours. The artwork is really stylish and has a great anime feel. The character models are not on par with say, Final Fantasy, but are pleasing to the eye. It is easy to be able to discern the difference between various monsters and the familiar NPCs and with a somewhat 3D aspect. Although, the landscape is sullen and lacking this is possibly for a good reason though I have not gotten that far yet.

The game throws you into the barren desert land city of Monsbaiya. Which is explained in the game to be named this bc this city is a hub for buying and selling monsters. Next to the city you will notice rather quickly a MASSIVE and terribly menacing looking tower. This is where the monsters come from and basically your stomping grounds throughout the game.

A young boy becomes a man on his 15th birthday. Traditionally, this is when he is finally allowed to enter the tower and pursue the dreams of becoming a monster hunter and tamer. Our story begins with a painstaking WWF elbow drop to an unsuspecting main character named Koh from a cute little number named Nico. There are a few other scenes before this but nothing else really stood out besides the story about the father and how he was the best monster hunter and he never returned from the tower. ALSO, the moment of your birth which I found rather funny bc you talk to an angel who is a flying baby about what name you would like to have.NicoAnimated.gif~c200

So you got no money, no gear, I think mom might have given you some potent herbs but lets face it. You are broke and hopeless. You talk to some older hunters at the bar and they pretty much laugh at your face. Walking around town you quickly notice everyone is dirt poor besides one family and compared to them you get no respect. There is little left to do besides begin your career as a monster hunter and start showing these people that you are going to be their savior.

On your way to the tower you meet a flying dragon type looking monster called a Kewne. Assuming he must have been a monster belonging to you father you should probably accept his attempts at being friendly and enter the tower with him by your side.

The combat system is turn based. Allowing you to equip a weapon and a shield and utilize the abilities of your tamed monsters when out on a collar. I’m not sure when you get more than one collar but it definitely happens sometime. I named my kewne Jafar and hes the best monster I have so far, maybe just bc hes the highest level but haha idk. The best equipment combo I have found is the life wand and the live shield. The life wand steals health and the live shield retaliates when attacked. With this combo you can safely manage the first four floors to save your monsters MP for the more difficult floors.

Its always a good idea to use a wind crystal which evacuates you from the tower when you have found multiple pita fruit or monster eggs. I say this bc you don’t want to risk dying and losing these items and its not such a big deal to reenter the tower. In fact I would recommend saving up pita fruit for your attempt to make it the farthest bc your monster will run out of mana very quickly otherwise around the seventh to the eighth floors.

For those LOVEBIRDS out there don’t worry you will be happily accommodated as this game is straight and GB(gayboy) friendly. There are many suitable relationships to build within the town and even a possible man to man relationship. I haven’t sought out this area yet just deduced the idea by the fortune teller questions and answers.

fanart by http://rin-uzuki.deviantart.com/
fanart by http://rin-uzuki.deviantart.com/

Overall the game is very entertaining and enjoyable even after ten hours I find myself wanting to delve further into the tower and uncover its secrets. The characters are very likable and beautifully animated. The progression can seem slow at first but picks up rather quickly with each intrusion of the tower. And finally the storyline is just crafted so well with small events constantly keeping you pushing for further progression and mystified by the possibilities.

I recommend if you have not heard of this game find a copy and give it a shot.


5 thoughts on “Azure Dreams PSX Retro Rundown

    1. Thanks, I really appreciate the positive feedback. Isnt emulation just great? haha I love that I can play all these old games. I want to get a microcontroller and create a custom handheld portable emulation station one day.

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      1. Emulation is great, it also reminds me of something I have been skipping over the last few years. A handheld emulation station? That’s actually a fantastic idea, and would be worth it, especially being portable. I hope that dream comes true for you.

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  1. I bought this game for my brother about a decade ago. I played it to see if it worked, but I didn’t get a chance to play it all the way through. It seemed interesting enough, and I think the tower’s levels were randomly generated, so every player had a unique game. That was an interesting idea back then.

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    1. That is right, the levels are randomized upon every entry by the tower itself. It can make it challenging sometimes bc you may run into some monsters you wouldn’t normally encounter on such a low level floor. Which to me is fine bc the exp gained will help boost your character quicker.

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