HotS Tyrande Support: How To

HotS Tyrande Support: How To

Your favorite support Tyrande the sexy night elf High Priestess of Elune has come into my spotlight. Tyrande offers some of the most offensive and destructive support in the game and I highly recommend that if you havent picked her up yet then do so. Her kit is extremely viable in all situations and her presence in a team fight will offset the entire flow of enemy synergy.

As any blizzard character would she possesses a very deep background in lore of which I do not feel like I should really delve into here as this is my pick up and drop off how to.

Tyrande will really compliment any team that has a high damage output. Some of my favorite team comps have been:

  • Tyrande, Kael Thas, Sylvanas, Brightwing, Jaina.
  • Tyrande, Diablo, Valla, Kael Thas, Illidan.
  • Tyrande, Jaina, Kerrigan, Anub’arak, Li Li

She works well with any team composition as long as you the individual have a good understanding of focus and who to mark, when to mark them, who to stun, when to stun them, etc.. etcc…

I currently hold a 65% win rate using Tyrande. Although it is not my highest she quickly became my first pick for main game play.

I typically only build her a certain way and will only variate my build depending on the situation.

Tyrande is a ranged support who is rather squishy. You will find her heal to be rather dull unless you pick up her level 13 talent overflowing light which i highly recommend. She has a great stun. A cross map vision skillshot on hit dmg attack. A devastating AOE slow, and last but not least a hunters mark which makes a single target enemy more vulnerable to damage by 25% for 4 seconds.

My talent tree comments and recommendations;

Level 1:

  1. Rangers Mark; lowers your mark cd by 8 seconds and top pick imo
  2. Celestial Attunement: lowers mana cost of heal by 15. insignificant
  3. Empower: reduces all cds on hit sentinel. It isnt as good as rangers mark in any situation.
  4. Seasoned Marksman: Increases basic atk dmg for ever 6 minions killed. Tyrande is much better playing support role than any type of dmg.

Level 4:

  1. Pierce: Sentinel hits all enemies in its path. more for dmg + util tyrande
  2. Protective Shield: single target shield. not as effective as good ol fashion heals in yo face
  3. Focused Attack: 75% basic attack dmg increase every 10 seconds. again not for support
  4. Searing Arrows: Active ability that increases AD by 40% for 5 secs. burst dmg not for supports
  5. Healing Ward: placement ward that heals allies within range for 1.95% health every second for 10 secs. This is the most efficient choice for support tyrande as you can drop this anywhere and can save your entire team from the jaws of defeat with an overall 5 man heal of 20% each. max of 100% to your entire team.

Level 7:

  1. Quickening Blessing: Gives ally 25% speed increase for 3 sec when healed. Use this when team has low disengage or mobility.
  2. Lunar Blaze: increases range of stun. I typically use this as it can help catch enemies out of lane and give you an edge with xp grind. Very good for ganking.
  3. Battle Momentum: reduces cd by .5 secs per attack. more for util or atk dmg tyrande build
  4. Mule: summons mule who heals and repairs buildings near target point for 40 secs. just dont lol.

Level 10:

Starfall…Area of Affect atk and 20% slow for 8 secs. Seriously you cant go wrong with this pick. Shadowstalk is only viable if you have a full team in voice chat and can work together like that. Starfall is going to give you a huge gap of space to separate enemies from their teammates and disrupt the flow of any team fight.

Level 13:

  1. Overflowing Light:  When you are above 50% health you heal allies for an extra 35%. THIS is sooo good and will bring anyone back into action with proper positioning and dodge.
  2. Shrink Ray: Single target enemy movement speed and atk spd 50% cut for 4 secs. Not bad but I still prefer the heal upgrade.
  3. Sprint: increase movement speed by 75% for 3 seconds. util/split push not for true support
  4. Huntress Fury: gain 40% atk spd when using mark. dmg buff for atk tyrande? lol not support

Level 16:

  1. Ranger:Sentinel increased width by 100% and dmg increase by distance up to 200%. Can be really good if coupled with Pierce and even just for the snipe.
  2. Shooting Star: stun deals 50% more dmg and refunds all mana on hit of enemy hero. Top pick for sustain and dmg increase.
  3. Mark of Mending: attacks on marked targets heal for 2.5% max health. more for ad tyrande wuuut
  4. Trueshot Aura: passively increases surrounding allies AD by 15%. This is decent for support tyrande but does not afford her any actual worth other than teamfight potential which is great but sometimes you have to solo so i say not today.

Level 20:

  1. Celestial Wrath: Starfall global cast range with 30% dmg increase.can be great for helping a lane push without any real presence or just setting up for a team fight ahead time and the dmg increase obviously just makes it better in every other way too. Second pick tho.
  2. Nexus Frenzy: Increase atk speed and atk range by 20%. AD pick
  3. Storm Shield: Active Area team shield for 20% of max health 3 secs. Not a bad pick if you dont have a tank or another support.
  4. Rewind: Resets all basic abilities cd. OBVIOUSLY best ability for tyrande for max helpfulness and teamfight capability.

I have found that of course positioning is very important but  team synergy is going to be more so influenced by encouraging your team, playing smart, choosing your battles wisely, and keeping objectives in mind before mindlessly roaming for ganks.

Tyrande cannot afford to be focus of enemy. Your positioning is always going to place yourself behind atleast one ally. Focus should be slowing any tanks with Starfall and stunning enemy dmg dealers immediately after marking them for max dmg. Always attempt to predict enemy whereabouts to avoid a gank by scouting with your Sentinel. It is better to heal early than not at all especially if you have rewind up.

Tyrande is probably one of the only supports who is a viable enemy focus bc of her lack of self heal. She makes up for this somewhat by being ranged and having a stun and slow. Please do not get discouraged if you are getting focused and dying before your team. This is easily fixed by practicing proper positioning and maintaining it at all times.

Please let me know if you have any recommendations for me as I would love to try them out. Thanks for reading. Oh, and check out for more great art.


Social Engineering or Trolling In Online Games

Social Engineering or Trolling In Online Games

The thought of being manipulated by someone towards an agenda that does not reflect your own can leave a seriously bad taste in your mouth. An approach some may think harmless can leave others clueless; Social Engineering is often times used in more serious and often illegal parts of the workings of the world. In gaming it can be used in LoL Champion Select to dodge a toxic player or to keep morale up by rewarding your team mates with encouraging comments on their accomplishments and reassuring them of success in their faults.

On another thought. Taking advantage of someones feelings towards a particular subject and causing them to over react in a very negative way is openly harmful and typically used for no benefit except ones own enjoyment. Trolling can be described in many ways but for this post I am referring to the typical griefing addressed to enemy players and team mates alike by the “troll.” Examples could be racist comments in all chat directed towards a particular enemy based off of stereotypes associated with the summoner name or most effectively griefing a team mate.

Of these two common passive aggressive outlets in video gaming which is to be considered worse? I honestly already know what you are saying. Riley, you are just so stupid. Sincerely, the few who read your posts. Well its true at first glance these two very different behaviors do not seem the same and mostly people understand trolling because it is something they constantly battle. The other side to this is the negative impact both have on the individual player who is viewing them.

lol_trundle_by_tekkanomaki_chan-d65ylieWhen faced with a troll its obviously negatively impacting the game. Unless you can somehow challenge them to win you will probably lose. They want to be fed and its an easy game to be played at that point. They might even offer you criticism. But most likely they will just continue to troll you.

When faced with an engineer you most likely will not even recognize the situation as being what it is. You may even feel good about it and about yourself. They could have offered you some delectable treats of good praise or reassurance in an area where otherwise you could have improved. They are not trying to help you. They are trying to help the team have maximum morale for more likely success.

As shameful as being passive aggressive, I myself have sadly participated in both acts. I do admit that trolling can bring enjoyment. This type of behavior is unacceptable however given that my own feelings become completely wrapped up in the game and I am left feeling disappointed and longing for more engagement. Very sad. On the other hand. Analyzing the battle and looking for opponent weakness and ally weakness and engaging them accordingly has worked wonders and often times wins games.

Boosting morale is top notch gaming practice. Being a team player is more important than even skill in my honest opinion. Recognizing priority and actively engaging in psychological and sociological warfare is just as much a part of the game as hitting your skill shots. If you ever find yourself feeling like trolling why not try being creative and approaching the game from a different perspective. Enjoying others pain at the expense of your worthless attempts is just sad. Why not engage the mind and attack the prowess of the enemy mind unit.

In the end is it right to grief or deceive your team mates?