League of Legends – Patch 6.6 INFECTED WITH MALWARE [BEWARE]



Before I start, I hold a 4 year Information System Security Degree (paid hacker), I know my shit. Today while playing league of legends, at around 9:10pm Eastern Time my anti-virus updated and detected a Trojan in the league client. Not only that, my brother, with his speakers turn on, detected it on McAfee and I heard it, and my friend who I was skyping with noticed it on Windows Defender too, AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. It seems anti-viruses have found the identified malware hash so it’s “found” and can be protected agaisnt, but be careful. A Trojan is essentially a backdoor, so it doesn’t pose an immediate threat to users, but i highly recommend EVERYONE scans their computer. This is not a joke.

BEWARE – Once your anti-virus picks up the virus, since the virus is attached to essential files, including the…

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