Can we analyze the meta and pick champions such as Blitzcrank and Sejuani(who currently have very high win-rates) to pick up some progression in Bronze? You bet, and I did. Already at 50 lp in Bronze 2. I’m setting my sights for Silver and Beyond.

LoL(League of Legends) elo hell ranked game-play(the kind of competitive e-sports that can net pro players in millions a year) often revolves around pro-picks and meta-picks. What I find to work the best is instead of trying to adapt to the meta is making the meta work for my play-style. I enjoy playing champions with a strong sense of survival and a somewhat equal fight or flight capability. While it certainly helps to have experience playing the enemy champion or being familiar with them the most important thing in ranked is being comfortable playing your champion and knowing the ins and outs of combat capabilities of said champion.


More art by Kaiseresc

Blitzcrank has always served me well in the role of Support. He offers some of the best aggressive play making potential in the game. I tend to rely on the enemy to make mistakes more often than not. In this elo it is common to see various movement patterns and predicting them just takes time to notice them. I hold the mechanical champion in high esteem. Top tier along with other play-makers like Thresh.



tumblr_nig8kc8OYw1rgj7ubo1_500As for Sejuani, she is a very fun champ with a great kit that benefits any team wanting a highly diverse tank. She has a dash knockup that can be combo’d with flash and ult to stop an entire enemy team dead in their tracks safely while you can effectively run away or engage with your team. She is a natural tank and has decent clear speed. Her ult can change any situation into a favorable one and should be used to make plays as well as saved for better plays if you predict them.

While I don’t main Support anymore I noticed that one of my main Champions had rose in win-rate and remained very low in ban rate. It was strange I also noticed my main Jungle pick had rose very high in win-rate and kept a very low ban rate. I changed my focus from Teemo top lane and began to Queue for Jg and Supp. Currently sporting a 4-0 win streak on Blitz. Of course Sej is one of my favorites of all time so I play her a lot but 6-3 isn’t so bad is it? That was my approach to series and Bronze 2.

Will I find all the Dragon Balls and wish my way out of Bronze? Find out next time on Leisure League!


As the second installment and log of my experience On Grinding Through Bronze if you want to check out the first you can always find it here. On Grinding Through Bronze


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