League of Legends Patch 8.3 Commentary

With the Lunar Revel event coming to a close now and all those awesome Lunar Revel skins running around in league I wanted to remember this moment by dedicating a post to a commentary on the last week of gameplay and the latest patch 8.3.

First, I want to discuss some game statistics covering Win and Lose ratios from the very helpful site OP.GG.

WinratioWith champions like Udyr, Singed, and Sion towering over the rest of the champion pool sporting a positive win ratio of 53.93% and better. I would say this week has been very partial to utility tanks. One Champion I am suprised to not see is Sejuani but I will cover that later.

Screenshot 2018-02-19 16.17.23

Another thing that suprised me about this weeks statistics on OP.GG is the Syndra and Rengar lose ratios. In my games this past week Syndra and Rengar seemed to be quite strong but maybe the players I faced were just the exceptional 46% who worked for their wins.

If you dont already use this site I would recommend it for analyzing gameplay statistics and improving youre game.

Without further ado the 8.3 Commentary:


Riot introduces the patch with Swain and his new kit. Which is really different almost like a completely new champ if it werent for the crows and his name. I dont really play Swain but I will have to try him out during the next free week he is in. What do you think about him?ca46e4c354351ccc426e2805d2eaefe0-d51fz32

Swain’s update has really seen a spike in his playtime but I can bet that after these nerfs Azir and Jarvan IV will see a little bit less play time until the next patch or buff to their kit.

Screenshot 2018-02-19 19.09.58


Azir for one with the updated aggro drawn by his soldier’s will have to play safer around enemy minions especially during the early game.



J4 loses some durability and an early edge on duelists so I’m betting he will lose playtime for sure.


Jhin might actually be picking up some more playtime and win percentage with this small damage buff to his ultimate.




Very Thankful for this nerf to Katarina as her damage has been astronomical.



Nerfing the #1 Tank Killer and we will see another change in the meta but more likely with some extra tanks.



This buff to Lucian is very nice and I really think you will start seeing some more competitive Lucian play now.


Love these new chromas especially the Sona!




The Grind for Gold

League of Legends. Video game or life style? The Pros are making millions and the boosters are getting fat on your cold hard cash. Which leaves me with this post.

Just an update to the masses on the Grind for Gold!

So here we are again. Me and you. Yes that’s right. Bronzed again. It never fails. We are doomed to troll and roll. XD who am I kidding?!? I dont even play placement matches until mid season. 😛 Finished up the last two seasons in Silver 5. Not impressed? lol. Been working on a new account to test out the new rune system and the new rewards system from level 1.

I am really digging the new Runes system and I might actually begin to take league of legends seriously again. If it werent for all the boosters and boosted accounts I would probably play placement matches at the beginning of the season but this seems to be the time when the heaviest trolls and the best boosters are making their moves. Good job on you if you can make money in League of Legends a PC video game! I basically loathe you for it because you ruin the game for people who are honest but seriously thats impressive.

Back to the RUUNES! wow seriously love the new rune system and I know this is a super late post to be talking about the NEW runes lol give me a break I havent posted in 2 years. You dont wanna hear my rants about the Sejuani rework I promise :P.

They have made me believe that Riot does actually care about its playerbase because I have been asking for a Rune revamp for YEAAAAARS! Makes the game feel more about skill rather than who has the money to buy their champs with RP so they can spend their IP on runes.

The Inspiration tree has made me fall in love with Sona and Soraka all over again. I am especially partial to Kleptomancy and Futures Market. Although the Sorcery tree is much better for a strong aggressive poke lane which caters to my support style of heavy trading and first kill attempts.

Some champions I have been playing heavy are Shyvana, Sona, Soraka, Sejuani, Wukong, Thresh and Blitz.

It’s crazy how strong Shyvana has been since the end of last season. If she doesnt get dealt with very early on then she just becomes a train after she ults into any fight. It can be quite alarming to get dived on and roasted in a matter of seconds. I like to rush level 6 for this reason and dive botlane but ofc this isnt always viable as you will need to countergank and counter jg to get ahead.

Yea yea yea. We all play league ere amiright? no? well wtf are you doing with your life? League is Life! I dont even play on a daily basis anymore to be honest. I would like to but I’m trying to do a lot of stuff to progress my life outside of Leisure Gaming. Buuuut….

I DO HAVE A PLAN! The Grind for Gold continues and it will be much easier with the new tools that have been added to the game such as practice tools and the match recordings that are mindblowingly late but very much appreciated. Danke Rito!

Duo botlane has been my most effective strategy for climbing but I have had really good success with duo Jg and mid as well. These two compositions for Duo Imho have the highest impact on the game bc when executed with teamwork and skill they can have the most impact on the game resulting in more wins.

I have had many Duo partners in the past but this time I am going to try and stick with a sole partner or maybe two to increase chances of synchronicity and to better understand the concept of FRIENDSHIP!

I probably wont ever be able to harbor a lasting relationship with anyone through league but Ive been dreaming ;P HMU for a friendly game!


League of Legends – Patch 6.6 INFECTED WITH MALWARE [BEWARE]



Before I start, I hold a 4 year Information System Security Degree (paid hacker), I know my shit. Today while playing league of legends, at around 9:10pm Eastern Time my anti-virus updated and detected a Trojan in the league client. Not only that, my brother, with his speakers turn on, detected it on McAfee and I heard it, and my friend who I was skyping with noticed it on Windows Defender too, AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. It seems anti-viruses have found the identified malware hash so it’s “found” and can be protected agaisnt, but be careful. A Trojan is essentially a backdoor, so it doesn’t pose an immediate threat to users, but i highly recommend EVERYONE scans their computer. This is not a joke.

BEWARE – Once your anti-virus picks up the virus, since the virus is attached to essential files, including the…

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Up Coming Reviews

Havent really been able to contribute much lately due to lack of time having a full time job and part time with no days offs. I have been sparingly watching lots of great stuff in my time off and playing various games.

Here’s a list of some upcoming reviews:

  • Inuyasha
  • Diablo 3
  • Spawn the Movie
  • Spawn the Animated Series
  • Hearthstone
  • Mad Max
  • Soul Eater
  • No Game No Life

Other updates: I am no longer playing League of Legends. I would like to find a contributor to work with who does still play and can help me bring some relevant stuff to the table. I will be covering Heroes of the Storm for the time being as my main squeeze. Obviously going to start doing more movie and show reviews. I am also thinking about doing some creative writing and story-boarding and might end up putting some excerpts on here as well. Anyways to the 1-2 people who will read this thanks and I hope you will comment and give me some feedback.

Tank meta is back – 5.5 Tier list

New meta 5.5 is HEAVY so get your game on cinderhulk flame on.


The new LoL patch has resurrected the tank jungles and overall the tank meta. In LCS matches we see double or even triple tanks that reek chaos across the back line, while allowing the mid laner and Ad Carry to dish out the maximum amount of damage.

I am going to share my personal tier list for each respective role. Note this is only my personal opinion
Also I am not going to go below tier 1, as most champions are not very effective unless played with high skill.

Top Lane
Gods; Kennen*, Fizz, Irelia, Maokai,
* Kennen is not always the greatest first pick, but if the enemy team has bad mobility. It is hard not to win on Kennen, I got a 100% win rate on him in 6 games.

Tier 1; Lissandra, Rumble, Renekton, Swain

Mid Lane
Gods; LeBlanc, Zed, Lissandra.

Tier 1;  Viktor, Cassiopeia

Gods; Rek Sai…

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elo hell equals bronze forever

The vast majority of LoL players reside in Silver and Bronze rank leagues. There is a low low league of bronze in which players in that league call ELO HELL. If you have ever been there you will know that it can be very hard to get out. My dilemma is that my MMR is so low that the only people I get matched with are trolls and ragers and afk freaks. It has become practically impossible for me to win a ranked game. Until another day I suppose. I feel like pro players like to challenge themselves by delving into the elo hell but really they dont get a real taste bc their mmr is higher than that of their rank. They also have PROFESSIONAL SKILLS and thus can CARRY games. How the hell can anyone progress through this without duo? IDK. Im probably going to work on my smurf account until next year LOL sucks but the reality is that its not fun for me to play with people who arent even trying to win or progress. My smurf MMR is around low gold high silver so I just have to work on making my placement matches OPOP.

Party rewards in League of Legends

Party rewards in League of Legends

Really great way to promote teamwork by Riot. I for one will be partaking in this event. The team builder is excellent for finding people to participate in this with you. Ive been adding my team build team and re q for blind draft to max the payout possibility! HMU for the league party!

You Choose the Path your Life Goes

This new thing from Riot will make players play League of Legends like it is supposed to be played – with teamwork. The way party rewards work is that you and your friends queue for any matchmade queue and the entire group earns a chance at multiplying the standard IP reward. There is a chance that your group doesn’t win a party reward, but bigger the group there is a bigger chance of winning. There even is a massive IP reward for some lucky players.

These are the maximum multipliers:

  • Party of one – None;
  • Party of two – 4x IP;
  • Party of three – 6x IP;
  • Party of four – 8x IP;
  • Full team – 16x IP.

So what are you waiting for? Queue up with your friends and win that IP 🙂

Check out the full explanation here.

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