League of Legends – Patch 6.6 INFECTED WITH MALWARE [BEWARE]



Before I start, I hold a 4 year Information System Security Degree (paid hacker), I know my shit. Today while playing league of legends, at around 9:10pm Eastern Time my anti-virus updated and detected a Trojan in the league client. Not only that, my brother, with his speakers turn on, detected it on McAfee and I heard it, and my friend who I was skyping with noticed it on Windows Defender too, AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. It seems anti-viruses have found the identified malware hash so it’s “found” and can be protected agaisnt, but be careful. A Trojan is essentially a backdoor, so it doesn’t pose an immediate threat to users, but i highly recommend EVERYONE scans their computer. This is not a joke.

BEWARE – Once your anti-virus picks up the virus, since the virus is attached to essential files, including the…

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Up Coming Reviews

Havent really been able to contribute much lately due to lack of time having a full time job and part time with no days offs. I have been sparingly watching lots of great stuff in my time off and playing various games.

Here’s a list of some upcoming reviews:

  • Inuyasha
  • Diablo 3
  • Spawn the Movie
  • Spawn the Animated Series
  • Hearthstone
  • Mad Max
  • Soul Eater
  • No Game No Life

Other updates: I am no longer playing League of Legends. I would like to find a contributor to work with who does still play and can help me bring some relevant stuff to the table. I will be covering Heroes of the Storm for the time being as my main squeeze. Obviously going to start doing more movie and show reviews. I am also thinking about doing some creative writing and story-boarding and might end up putting some excerpts on here as well. Anyways to the 1-2 people who will read this thanks and I hope you will comment and give me some feedback.

Tank meta is back – 5.5 Tier list

New meta 5.5 is HEAVY so get your game on cinderhulk flame on.


The new LoL patch has resurrected the tank jungles and overall the tank meta. In LCS matches we see double or even triple tanks that reek chaos across the back line, while allowing the mid laner and Ad Carry to dish out the maximum amount of damage.

I am going to share my personal tier list for each respective role. Note this is only my personal opinion
Also I am not going to go below tier 1, as most champions are not very effective unless played with high skill.

Top Lane
Gods; Kennen*, Fizz, Irelia, Maokai,
* Kennen is not always the greatest first pick, but if the enemy team has bad mobility. It is hard not to win on Kennen, I got a 100% win rate on him in 6 games.

Tier 1; Lissandra, Rumble, Renekton, Swain

Mid Lane
Gods; LeBlanc, Zed, Lissandra.

Tier 1;  Viktor, Cassiopeia

Gods; Rek Sai…

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elo hell equals bronze forever

The vast majority of LoL players reside in Silver and Bronze rank leagues. There is a low low league of bronze in which players in that league call ELO HELL. If you have ever been there you will know that it can be very hard to get out. My dilemma is that my MMR is so low that the only people I get matched with are trolls and ragers and afk freaks. It has become practically impossible for me to win a ranked game. Until another day I suppose. I feel like pro players like to challenge themselves by delving into the elo hell but really they dont get a real taste bc their mmr is higher than that of their rank. They also have PROFESSIONAL SKILLS and thus can CARRY games. How the hell can anyone progress through this without duo? IDK. Im probably going to work on my smurf account until next year LOL sucks but the reality is that its not fun for me to play with people who arent even trying to win or progress. My smurf MMR is around low gold high silver so I just have to work on making my placement matches OPOP.

Party rewards in League of Legends

Party rewards in League of Legends

Really great way to promote teamwork by Riot. I for one will be partaking in this event. The team builder is excellent for finding people to participate in this with you. Ive been adding my team build team and re q for blind draft to max the payout possibility! HMU for the league party!

You Choose the Path your Life Goes

This new thing from Riot will make players play League of Legends like it is supposed to be played – with teamwork. The way party rewards work is that you and your friends queue for any matchmade queue and the entire group earns a chance at multiplying the standard IP reward. There is a chance that your group doesn’t win a party reward, but bigger the group there is a bigger chance of winning. There even is a massive IP reward for some lucky players.

These are the maximum multipliers:

  • Party of one – None;
  • Party of two – 4x IP;
  • Party of three – 6x IP;
  • Party of four – 8x IP;
  • Full team – 16x IP.

So what are you waiting for? Queue up with your friends and win that IP 🙂

Check out the full explanation here.

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[2G4Y4U] Ranked 5s team Interview

[2G4Y4U] Ranked 5s team Interview

Bringing you this exclusive interview with a new up and coming team in the NA ranked 5s scene, we have [2G4Y4U].

I spoke with three of the members today before we headed into the battlefield. Team Captain Riqared was happy to help me setup the interview and seemed excited to express himself and represent the team. He was also able to arrange for two other members Nudist Buddhist and StealthyQuietCat to speak as well. The team started on Jan 4 2015 and was placed in Silver IV with six out of ten wins in placement matches. They have since went on to a 7W-6L score.

[LeisureLeague]: so first of all whats the name of your team
Nudist Buddhist: 2G4Y4U
Nudist Buddhist: inc.
[LeisureLeague]: in translation what does that stand for
Riqared: We don’t really have a true name yet considering that we are really just starting up
Riqared: If we keep the team, we will change the name
Riqared: Too gay for you
[LeisureLeague]: LOL
[LeisureLeague]: very nice

[LeisureLeague]: do you have specific roles that you play each game or do you switch and sub out?
Nudist Buddhist: IM MID OR FEED
Nudist Buddhist: or mid and feed c:
Riqared: We have set roles. They are susceptible to change, but we would prefer to keep them as they are and have each of us learn them more extently as we continue

[LeisureLeague]: and how long have you been playing together?
Nudist Buddhist: 3 years off and on

[LeisureLeague]: what are your intention for LoL this year?
Riqared: To progress more as a team player > as an individual > in my position

[LeisureLeague]: TEEEMO jungle.. OP?
StealthyQuietCat: NOp
[LeisureLeague]: ahh

[LeisureLeague]: so how do you guys prepare for ranked 5s?
Nudist Buddhist: we honestly dont..
Riqared: You experience ranked and benefit the most from actually playing ranked right now we are learning how we work together, how to be constructive with criticism, and how to compliment each others champions for a better team composition

[LeisureLeague]: so what are your projections for the next LCS?
Riqared: I didn’t actively keep up with competitive League playing when it’s not LCS
StealthyQuietCat: sneaky is bae

[LeisureLeague]: so what champions do you think shud be permabanned or nerfd
Nudist Buddhist: akali

[LeisureLeague]: how do you contain the rage during games?
Nudist Buddhist: yell at StealthyQuietCat
Nudist Buddhist: he is our stress relief
StealthyQuietCat: yep
StealthyQuietCat: 😦

[LeisureLeague]: Is it possible to embrace the tilt of a losing game and turn it around?
StealthyQuietCat: it can be if we have a positive outlook and believe in the power of friendship
[LeisureLeague]: HEY I LIKE THAT
Riqared: Tilt is never a good thing to really have, think of each game as a new game, while remembering mistakes and learning from them.

[LeisureLeague]: is LoL for the lulz or could it possibly be SRS BSNS?
Nudist Buddhist: srs
StealthyQuietCat: srz
Riqared: Normal games are for messing around, but not trolling, while ranked should be taken seriously, just to be considerate of others

Breaking the Meta

Breaking the Meta

The meta is something that is made popular by the pros and discovered by players like you and me. All that it really means is that a certain champion or god performs exceptionally well at doing a certain job specifically better than the other choices for the same job. So what happens when we introduce another job specific champion or god into a different role they normally wouldnt be playing or build into a specific function that may not otherwise be defined in the game other than by your own observation? This is breaking the meta.

There are too many too list in league and i’m not quite all there yet in smite. They are constantly changing as they gain popularity and become a somewhat counter meta pick. This type of playing can commonly be referred to as trolling in the solo q as your team doesnt exactly understand what you are trying to do but if they are experienced enough will understand that it is a serious effort and will not give you hell for trying something new.

One of my favorite types of counter meta builds is a high mobility high lane clear split push specialist. Mostly with this style of build I dont want a high util champion who will be needed in team fights but someone like teemo who is really best at being a bait n troll. Really any champion can succeed at building for this type of play style but I find that teemo exceeds with his kiting capacity and with a hurricane his lane clear becomes incredibly fast.

Typically I will try to make a presence in a lane killing a few minions near my team and setting up a few traps with mushrooms for the engage or disengage. Then make my way to the most vacant lane and begin my push while keeping an eye on the team fight watching for any of the enemy breaking away at which I will simply leave and start taking jungle farm making my way back to the team and or the other lane. This type of pressure allows for your team to always have the advantage with taking the enemy jungle and buffs as well as dragon. Hurricane being the core item. Liandry’s is nice for your shrooms. Guinsoo’s can help bring some hybrid bruising into your gameplay and helps clear lanes faster. You might want to pick up Twin Shadows as well just to make certain of your escape from a lane. If you want more shroom pain a Rabadons will do nicely. Always coming in and out of combat you might wanna get mobil boots but the Atk Spd from Berserkers isnt bad.

fanart by http://puddingofdeath.deviantart.com/
fanart by http://puddingofdeath.deviantart.com/

Anyways thats my teemo split push build. I’d love to hear some legendary rare outside the meta builds from you!