Bringing you this exclusive interview with a new up and coming team in the NA ranked 5s scene, we have [2G4Y4U].

I spoke with three of the members today before we headed into the battlefield. Team Captain Riqared was happy to help me setup the interview and seemed excited to express himself and represent the team. He was also able to arrange for two other members Nudist Buddhist and StealthyQuietCat to speak as well. The team started on Jan 4 2015 and was placed in Silver IV with six out of ten wins in placement matches. They have since went on to a 7W-6L score.

[LeisureLeague]: so first of all whats the name of your team
Nudist Buddhist: 2G4Y4U
Nudist Buddhist: inc.
[LeisureLeague]: in translation what does that stand for
Riqared: We don’t really have a true name yet considering that we are really just starting up
Riqared: If we keep the team, we will change the name
Riqared: Too gay for you
[LeisureLeague]: LOL
[LeisureLeague]: very nice

[LeisureLeague]: do you have specific roles that you play each game or do you switch and sub out?
Nudist Buddhist: IM MID OR FEED
Nudist Buddhist: or mid and feed c:
Riqared: We have set roles. They are susceptible to change, but we would prefer to keep them as they are and have each of us learn them more extently as we continue

[LeisureLeague]: and how long have you been playing together?
Nudist Buddhist: 3 years off and on

[LeisureLeague]: what are your intention for LoL this year?
Riqared: To progress more as a team player > as an individual > in my position

[LeisureLeague]: TEEEMO jungle.. OP?
StealthyQuietCat: NOp
[LeisureLeague]: ahh

[LeisureLeague]: so how do you guys prepare for ranked 5s?
Nudist Buddhist: we honestly dont..
Riqared: You experience ranked and benefit the most from actually playing ranked right now we are learning how we work together, how to be constructive with criticism, and how to compliment each others champions for a better team composition

[LeisureLeague]: so what are your projections for the next LCS?
Riqared: I didn’t actively keep up with competitive League playing when it’s not LCS
StealthyQuietCat: sneaky is bae

[LeisureLeague]: so what champions do you think shud be permabanned or nerfd
Nudist Buddhist: akali

[LeisureLeague]: how do you contain the rage during games?
Nudist Buddhist: yell at StealthyQuietCat
Nudist Buddhist: he is our stress relief
StealthyQuietCat: yep
StealthyQuietCat: 😦

[LeisureLeague]: Is it possible to embrace the tilt of a losing game and turn it around?
StealthyQuietCat: it can be if we have a positive outlook and believe in the power of friendship
[LeisureLeague]: HEY I LIKE THAT
Riqared: Tilt is never a good thing to really have, think of each game as a new game, while remembering mistakes and learning from them.

[LeisureLeague]: is LoL for the lulz or could it possibly be SRS BSNS?
Nudist Buddhist: srs
StealthyQuietCat: srz
Riqared: Normal games are for messing around, but not trolling, while ranked should be taken seriously, just to be considerate of others


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