After carefully analyzing over 100 games of my own elo I have come to the conclusion that the number one reason for loss is the lack of map awareness. Many newer players may not see the value in warding as they have been given the free trinket that came out in season four. This trinket CAN and SHOULD be upgraded at level nine EVERY game.

The worst thing you can do in a game is walk past or into a blind bush without warding first. This is reckless and is the most common noob mistake players at lower elo make. I remind my team just about every game to upgrade trinkets but rarely does anyone ever do it. I am perplexed at how players can get by thinking that something like map awareness could come second to their own personal power.

The job of warding is simply put: EVERYONES JOB. Everyone is given a free ward trinket which allows one ward on the map until you upgrade whereas you can have three wards on the map. Please I implore those of you who do not check and watch the minimap, DO SO. Paying attention to minimap is the most important thing you can do after warding. A good rule of thumb is every five seconds but even this is not enough. You need to constantly be checking that thing if you are serious about playing this game.

Am I trying to hard to play a video game? I really dont feel that way since Im not making millions of dollars and playing in some giant stadium for millions of viewers. There is a casual progression rate and I can understand that but how can you expect to make any progression if you dont even learn tactical advantage. The art of war is by deception. When you know your enemy and know yourself you will win the war.

What are your top three places to ward?


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