Runaans Hurricane is building a heavy following of die hard split pushers including our favorite champion Captain Teemo. With items like Zz’rot Portal seeing a lot of play time we are seeing a very high increase in the split push strategy. Champions with on hit effects benefit the most from Hurricane. Teemo is a very effective split pusher with his stable map control via mushrooms and invisibility to juke on coming ganks.

Hurricane Teemo is fun! Portal pushing with Hurricane is devastating if an objective is being pushed hard. I do enjoy getting first kill and for that ignite is always nice but having Teleport is going to be more valuable when the laning phase is over. Playing Teemo alone is a global taunt that invites enemies into your bubble. USE THIS! Never use mushrooms to push a lane the damage is good yes but the minefield is most effective in detecting oncoming ganks.

An acceptable way to deny enemy CS is to play aggressive and push them under tower. Before you do this you must consider the location of the enemy jungler and of course pay attention to the other lanes which will sometimes team up just to stop the onslaught you most certainly will inflict unchecked. To further bully an enemy that is under turret you can effectively place mushrooms into the caster minions and do your best to pop off a quick Q and AA that will tick them down a sizeable amount of health.

A lot of speculation arises when rushing Hurricane on any Champion as it allows your enemy to capitalize on damage and dueling power. This is definitely a factor to consider depending on your laning phase and how well your play is going. If you are falling behind it can help ramp up your ability to CS but beware of pushing too hard and getting ganked obviously you will want to try and allow the enemy to keep you pushed for the easy turret farm.

If you are being bullied but steadily keeping up in farm it can help you to deny CS as well by pushing them under turret where you can easily harass or CS until the turret is no more. I would say the most important part of the early laning phase is securing your safety in the top lane. I strongly suggest buying a pink ward for river or tri bush. Shrooming accordingly(see Teemo the Swift Scout: Top Lane Shroom Placement for help ) will help you secure kills, deny ganks, and basically apply unwanted pressure to the enemy team. They will be scared of what you may have cooked up and will use resources that they normally shouldnt just to ensure you are dealt with. EXPECT to be ganked and harassed nonstop.


Its not hard to learn how to play Teemo. Their are many different ways to play him and he is definitely a viable champion in ranked. Inflict mass destruction by using a skin and remember yordle is master race.


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