On Grinding through Bronze part 3

On Grinding through Bronze part 3

Well its been awhile since I made a contribution to my log of progress into the race for gold. As it stands, I will be able to attain Bronze 1 rank as soon as I can make it to my series. I was able to acquire a free win somehow that goes towards my series wins. Bronze is just a challenge to jungle main and support secondary role. As a Teemo main my experience in ranked is really disappointing. I have had some really great games but being Teemo will bring out the worst in people including the members of your team. Just to recap, I have switched from playing Teemo which only primarily worked in bronze 4 until I can attain some higher elo players with a better attitude of the game.

The fact that it worked in the lower rank tier is so beyond strange to me. The higher I went up in rank the more people on my team had bad attitudes about my choice to play Teemo. I will agree I did have a few bad games. Of course I had some AFK but lately, it has not been nearly as frequent. Last night I experienced some really high server lag. I do hope that the AFK stays away. It takes away so much fun.

I have made it to my series in Bronze 2 three times so far. Needless to say, I am getting annoyed by the unlucky teams I get in my series. But then again, I have usually only made it to my series after a long win streak. The way she goes. I’m suffering from elo hell in the worst way. My actual MMR(matchmaker rating) is starting to pick up in most games. I am being placed with low silvers although the average rank among the team tends to flip-flop. There isn’t a lot I have to say about Bronze as a whole. There are some good players in Bronze there is no doubt. They are few and far in between but they do rise given time to.

I hope to be out of bronze before Halloween. Goals. lol. I have picked up two new Junglers and maybe we should talk about that. Coming from maining Teemo to maining Jungle and secondary Support.

How hard is it for you to learn a new champion that falls into a similar role that you are used to playing?

I was able to pick up Amumu and Gragas with quite ease and it literally only took me a few hours each. Before I took them into ranked I had played at least one game beforehand without losing in a regular match. I’ve been carried this far. Just playing but I did give a lower ranked bronzie brother some help in his series which resulted in a promotion. I do prefer to solo but I can’t deny that if you can play with someone you have developed a synergy with you will win lots more games.

Obviously, maining jungle I am always going to have to admit that Sejuani just has the perfect playstyle for me. I main her simply bc she has everything a team needs to secure kills and ensure successful ganks. She is also very mobile. Amumu is not mobile at all although he can make some pretty decent plays with his Q and Ult. Amumu is probably the most stun heavy jungler. I would say he is literally the easiest jungler I have ever picked up besides Warwick who in my honest opinion is not really viable in ranked FOR ME. Gragas, on the other hand, is like a jack of all trades and can be quite mobile offering some really nice and unique CC with his ult.

Support has been quite a fun time for me as of late as well. Two supports I believe you can’t go wrong with would be Blitzcrank and Soraka. An honorable mention to the lovely Janna of course as I have made some magic happen with her kit. Support is such a frustration to main. I just can’t stand to lane with someone who doesn’t synergize with my playstyle. I did main support for a long time but it really wrecked my MMR in season 5 causing me to go from silver 4 to bronze 5 and the climb continues. Somehow I always manage to climb out with the small amount of time I’m actually able to dedicate towards playing.

I actually ended a game with Soraka to the tune of Al Greens’ Love and Happiness the other day with a KDA of 2/1/17 which  comes out to 19:1. Soraka heals and heals, in general, are really overpowered right now. Another heavy heal support with a very nice kit is Sona and she actually has the highest win rate in the game at this time.

Its been a really rough start but things are starting to pick up a bit and my games are getting slowly but surely more in tune to actual competition level and not just troll status. So let’s strap on those moonboots and shoot for the stars! Silver soon and Gold on the horizon.


Anivia Support Super Storm

Anivia Support Super Storm

anivia_blackfrost_wip_by__marena_-d6ku75xIf you are into heavy poke damage supports and haven’t tried out the magnificent frosty storm bringing bird then I have some news for you. The bird is the word! Anivia support is right on par with the deadliest of AP poke support sports such as Brand and Zyra. There is no better feeling than watching your enemies crawl away from full health after your Q + E combo(stun and shatter). The early game is some of the most devastating damage that can be inflicted and could easily net your team first blood if played correctly.

How are you building Anivia? Well, I myself like to focus on her extremely high damage output and often times will rush Tear of the Goddess to usher in the destruction of my enemy bot lane. This first  back pick will really help you out in the long run and allow you to maximize mana as early as possible. Anivia is undoubtedly one of the most mana hungry mages and I would encourage anyone to be wary of casting and try your best to capitalize on her auto attack range.

artist atryl


Making plays as a support is often not expected and in my honest opinion is highly underrated. Although I don’t condone anyone to be going solo in any lane as support. A champion such as the bird is actually really well at helping to push back lanes that are unattended by their respected laners. She also excels at defending towers making it possible to freeze and or minimize turret damage. It’s actually a really fun time poking with Anivia the way I play her is like keeping a constant movement in a sort of figure eight.

Hard matchups will likely be other heavy poke champions such as brand and Zyra. Zyra, in particular, will wreak havoc on your front lines so be wary of initiation and let the enemy make mistakes or just do your best to deny farm. throwing up a last second wall or over extended storm can easily manipulate the pathing of enemies and will allow you to hit your stun and shatter combo to max damage.

There is some debate as to whether she offers enough damage passively and you should build her to be more healthy and tanky. OR what I like to do and just go full glass cannon and build straight AP with maybe a Zz’rot Portal as your defensive item. Zz’rot is great on Anivia for a few reasons. I like to use it to divert attention away from skirmishes in mid lane. This is especially important if you are behind as catching an enemy out and away from their team could net your team some gold. It doesn’t always work and should be approached cautiously.

Playing Anivia Support can really be fun and I do hope you give it a shot!!trollwall


You can also troll the hell out of people with your wall. Just dont troll your team or they will hate you and you will give all anivia players a bad name.


IS Pokemon Go leading trainers to their deaths?

After spending a few hours of my adult life chasing Pokemon through the streets of my neighborhood and the poke-stops of my town. I have concluded that Pokemon Go is indeed the bane of my existence. It actually makes me want to go outside which is sometimes beyond my nature. I have traveled far and wide in search of these Pokemon. Creating some great bonds with some not so real friends of an AR(Augmented Reality). A design that is not extremely new but unique nonetheless. It’s really easy and fun to do while walking or jogging or even riding your bike.

The game promotes users to be aware of their surroundings. There is a lot of controversy about the games safety and whether it should be banned or not. With what some people are calling “Poke Gangs” the public hasn’t taken too kindly to Pokemon Go in some areas and especially places of business. Some businesses have started to use the Pokemon Go app to promote their own personal agenda. Indiana is the home of a proud animal shelter that employed the help of many volunteers through an online ad featuring choice starter Pokemon. The ad ran long enough to secure volunteers who would walk the dogs for many days to come.

My one concern with Pokemon Go would be that if you really wanted to be competitive about it, you would have to dedicate legitimate time towards it. I simply don’t have that kind of time but I will train up and try to stay relevant in the days to come. Unlike some people I am not really concerned with the regular issues being reported in the news but I will say that my area experiences a somewhat low level of crime.

The biggest controversial issue with the game right now is robbers and killers reportedly using the poke-stops as the bait for their dirty deeds. This is all over the news and is constantly being talked about when I go out. The most common crowds I see going out would be teenage kids and their parents maybe not far away but I don’t see them. In addition,  people from the ages of 20-32 in a myriad of different shapes and sizes can also be seen in hordes. A lot of them I’m not sure if I would have ever run into without having been playing the game.

It’s certainly been a fun time playing this game but I’m afraid I just don’t have time to really dedicate towards being the very best that no one ever was. It’s really easy to spend 2-3 hours playing this game and I just can’t spare more than an hour of time to exercise and jog or ride my bike around. I try to gain a level each day but it’s not always likely or even possible due to my schedule.


Whether or not you are going to die while playing this game is completely up to you. This should not come to you as a surprise. This game could be dangerous; of course walking across the street without looking is dangerous. You would have to be a fool to do that and of course there are foolish and stupid people in the world. This is not grounds for any type of game bans  although I can understand places of high interest restricting access to the property.

The game is not the absolute best thing that has ever happened to the world but let’s be honest, it is very popular and if you have played it you might agree it can be addictive. The freedom of being able to get pokeballs at pokestops makes it possible to progress in the game without having to spend a dime. In my book if you can bring a lot of people together for free and still make a profit you are doing something right.


The most aware situation: Groups flock to high traffic areas during the early and late day light hours where there are dozens of pokestops and the incoming supply of Pokemon is endless.

The most unaware situation: I will confess that I’m a stealthy operator and I was not bringing any attention to myself on this night out alone. Our subject of study would be the pasty white man with long black hair who looked like he had just awoken from the dead. Steadily creeping towards me on the sidewalk near an older mall that was once a hustling and bustling place now sporting an almost always empty parking lot. His eyes gluedto his phone I wonder if he will ever look up to acknowledge a passerby. I turn my Pokemon Go music to max volume and continue to strut toward my destination the malls entrance. The closest pokestop to my home and a good ten minute walk away.

Will he look up and possibly save his own life from the dangers that lurk in the dark?

I continue to walk not stopping for even a second as I sense no foreboding evil entities. Does he possess this ability himself I wonder? Is he really so at home and in his element that no harm could befall him on this late night of Pokemon hunting stroll? I’m certainly not afraid of his transforming into a being of devilish descent. As a man, I am fairly confident in my ability to outrun or handle him physically. I wonder if he is considering these options himself?

Two strangers walking directly towards one another this fateful night.

His pace slows down and he comes to a stop. He begins to fumble with his phone excitedly flicking an extended index finger from top to bottom. A quick fist of success arises and locks into a victorious hum that starts him back on his previous path and begins to resonate with my own being. I began to hum as well. The Pokemon Go song of course.

Here we are again walking directly towards each other in the dead of night at an abandoned mall completely deserted of all life. Completely alone. At this point, I am beginning to suspect that he is not going to notice me at all as I am literally about to walk into him so I step off the sidewalk and walk a few steps behind him before I turn around and look up like a deer in the head lights of an automobile.

My music still playing literally as loud as my phone will allow. Somehow I was able to walk completely past this person unawares and completely absorbed into the Pokemon Go experience. He suddenly hears my music and jerks back his head yelping “Pokemon Go?” , I reply with a simple affirmation to ease him from any tension. He smiles and informs me of a Gastly that he just caught at the Pokestop. Suddenly his phone vibrates and he instinctively dives back into the game so I turn around and head towards this Gastly I’ve just been informed of.


Upon arriving at the Pokestop my phone begins to rumble as I discover the Gastly and a Pidgey(the most common Pokemon in my area). I’m currently farming Pidgey to evolve into Pidgeotto with other Pokemon during a lucky egg 30-minute time span where I gain double experience and can actually level up a lot quicker. Each Lucky Egg costs about a dollar but the game actually rewards them to you sometimes when you level up. It is said that you can level about 60-65 Pokemon in the duration of one Lucky Egg. That is about 60,000-70,000 experience and could level you up a considerable amount depending on your progress.

The Gastly was a really nice find and I haven’t been able to find another one yet but the search continues maybe tonight.

Is that trainer wrong for playing so unaware? He was not being cautious of me at all and I could have been anyone doing anything. I stayed aware of his presence since I noticed him while I crossed through the parking lot. He didn’t notice me until I literally walked right past him and was behind him. Just imagine if I had not been paying attention either. Crash. lol this situation was unacceptable to me and I can’t imagine myself being so reckless. I’m not going to dive into the social awkwardness or common sense of the public or the average Pokemon Go player.

There really is no average Pokemon Go player. They come in all shapes and sizes and all ages. This game has a great potential for player versus player competition. The game has great potential for thieves and killers to take advantage of known pokestops and gyms at night.

What is in store for the future of this game and games that will undoubtedly surface in response to soak up some of the success experienced by the Pokemon company?

Other reports of hackers and automobile accidents, deaths, dead bodies found, and many more popping up everyday. After many reported accidents and incidents will the public still support Pokemon Go?


art by darkkenjie