Why play League of Legends or any other MOBA for that matter?

Smite fanart by http://inkinesss.deviantart.com/
Smite fan-art by http://inkinesss.deviantart.com/

Most PC gamers who haven’t experienced the wonderful game play and art work of this genre are missing out. The technical skills and mastery involved will easily frustrate noobs in this gaming scene. Only after you have become enticed to play a few rounds and learn more about the unspoken rules of the game will you truly begin to enjoy what is being played out before your very eyes. Not everyone can go pro, this is just reality, nor do most people want to but there is an amazing feature in this genre that creates an even match that challenges us and keeps us wanting more.

Actually developed by a man named Arpad Elo the “elo” system ranks players on their win-lose ratio and games played. I feel like most games are starting to pick this functional match making system up. I find myself wasting about an hour a day playing hearthstone and as I am a noob with basic cards, I find it strange that the opponents I end up facing tend to be players who either have pro decks made or basically have every card needed to win no contest. I really think that blizzard could improve the matchmaking system by factoring in the amount of cards a player might own. This is always going to be the case in such a game that is essentially pay to win. Now in games such as League of Legends and Smite(most mobas for that matter) the matchmaking is based on the elo system and it is quite evenly matched in my honest opinion.

A game where you alone can become the star(carry) or can so choose to share the glory with others. The mechanics of these games are somewhat difficult to grasp for the newcomer but picked up rather quickly after you have found the patience to learn. This is a very important aspect in todays gamer world. I believe that people want a game that actually requires skill to be good. Paying more money to win a game has never appealed to me and in fact I refuse to buy in to a game like that. I used to play the MMORPGs’ WoW and RIFT but I became fed up with paying monthly and or more money in general to have better gameplay. I did enjoy the end game pvp and really this is what led me to my obsession with MOBA style pvp and how pure it was. Although in league the Rune system could use a price cut as it can take quite awhile to farm 6300ip(earned in game currency) for the next rune page and then you have to farm more than that for the runes to fill it. It can be bothersome as most people would enjoy getting new champions and trying them out.

The fan/player base of the MOBA scene is really what I think draws people into the action. The functionality of the team played e-sport is never ending as there are many available roles to be played and they are ever expanding as the developers refuse to give up and continue to produce quality content. This has created an online database made by players that can teach others practically anything that they would want to know that has already been discovered. Luckily, the developers will continue to create new situations and new champions or gods to be played so that the game may never become dull and the playerbase can continue to build upon their adoration of the game. Whether it be the creative minds behind the fan art, pvp videos, play guides, pro players, and even the troll gags, I think the playability for this genre is entirely due to the great fandom and player base.

Currently there are many many MOBA’s to choose from but i want to look at the core 3:Defense of the Ancients, League of legends, and smite. I haven’t actually given the DotA world a chance so I cant exactly give any decent knowledge besides that it is a spinoff and remake of the warcraft 3 custom game mod that created this entire genre of gameplay. Supposedly the Heroes of the Storm by blizzard is going to be the next big thing but I doubt that it will pull the many players of these top three out of their habits. League being the original MOBA i began with is probably my favorite as far as playability due to the vast champion selection and the huge player base with loads of good knowledge who are constantly sharing. Smite has a pretty small player base compared to league but is increasing quickly and with good reason. The reason I find myself playing smite more often is the variety of gamestyles and the progressive aspect of the daily. It allows me to farm the currency much quicker if I choose to cycle through the different maps and games. This is a huge problem in league for me bc the only incentive to log on become the first win ip bonus unless I have friends online.

So basically the games comprise of 2 teams with a never ending army that are starting a battle and meeting in the middle of a map that may have anywhere from 3 – 1 lanes with various objective in between that can give your team a slight advantage given that they are carefully and tactically executed. The many different type of heroes/champions include: mage/mid, assassin/jungle, hunter/adc, guardian/support, and warrior/solo. According to the pro league meta each team will be made up of one of each of these respectively. The “meta” of course isn’t exactly a rule that must be followed but you may be flamed for trying something that seems trolly and it is highly recommended to at least try these out as they are proven methods of success. But lets not stop troll matches because experimenting with builds, lanes, and gods/champs is how the game progresses and who knows you may just find the new meta.

Overall I think if you want some game play that is competitive and each match has a level of authenticity that keeps the game fresh and new then you should give this MOBA world a shot. I highly recommend the games Smite and League of Legends to those of you who would like to try it out but there are many more and still more coming.