This ones for all of you out there whose disks are broken, your pockets are deep with lint, your laser wont read, and the motor doesn’t spin as fast. All your base r belong to us.

sonicgifThis is in celebration of my favorite Retro Gaming website EmuParadise 15th birthday and also just honoring all Retro gaming and the Emulation of retro systems and its games.

First of all, I would like to thank the online community for making this possible. All of the open source development is really pushing the envelope and making for better experiences to be had. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with our old gaming systems. Beyond repair? Probably not, but beyond my willingness of time to dedicate to repair? probably for now. lol. This is my thought process for emulation and why it is so common nowadays. As most everyone owns these games and systems anyways it is an oppurtunity to revisit titles on a new frontier and platform.

In order to get into Emulation one must simply be willing to learn how and have access to a computer with their own rights. Be prepared to dedicate some time to reading and trouble shooting. You might also want to have an up to date antivirus. I use Avast. The premium membership offers a sandbox similar to sandboxie.

Grab your system here at emulator-zone . They also have the GPU software and other plugins that may make the game more familiar to you like Controller Plugins. The setups can be difficult coming in with a fresh perspective but its really quite simple. You will also need the system firmware or BIOS which can be found here romcollectorcoool

After that you will need games which of course can be found at and all of these services are offered for free. As you can see it can be quite easy to be a cool kid nowadays. Thanks for reading 🙂


5 thoughts on “Retro Gaming Emulation: howto and whyto

  1. Thanks for posting. I’m still skeptical about emulation, though. I did download the Nintendo NES Emulator from the site you mentioned, but I don’t like how it changed the tabs. I’m just not tech-savvy enough for emulation I guess.

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    1. What is the name of the NES emulator? There is probably a way to fix it or custom install so that it doesnt have added extras. lol. By no means am I ever recommending you to install something without reading! Reading is good. lol. These companies do this for free so they try to make money off of affiliate programs within their installation process. It’s nothing bad usually but sometimes it can be spyware related on an antivirus scan so I usually just go with the barebones custom install. Let me know if you need any help. I want to turn you around on your emulation skepticism forreal.

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      1. I will get back to you later on. Thanks for offering the help. Just so you know, I was able to able to change the thing I didn’t like, but I haven’t went back to try the emulator any more. I’ll try private messaging you later on if I decide to give it another shot so we don’t clutter your comments section. Thanks!

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