anivia_blackfrost_wip_by__marena_-d6ku75xIf you are into heavy poke damage supports and haven’t tried out the magnificent frosty storm bringing bird then I have some news for you. The bird is the word! Anivia support is right on par with the deadliest of AP poke support sports such as Brand and Zyra. There is no better feeling than watching your enemies crawl away from full health after your Q + E combo(stun and shatter). The early game is some of the most devastating damage that can be inflicted and could easily net your team first blood if played correctly.

How are you building Anivia? Well, I myself like to focus on her extremely high damage output and often times will rush Tear of the Goddess to usher in the destruction of my enemy bot lane. This firstĀ  back pick will really help you out in the long run and allow you to maximize mana as early as possible. Anivia is undoubtedly one of the most mana hungry mages and I would encourage anyone to be wary of casting and try your best to capitalize on her auto attack range.

artist atryl


Making plays as a support is often not expected and in my honest opinion is highly underrated. Although I don’t condone anyone to be going solo in any lane as support. A champion such as the bird is actually really well at helping to push back lanes that are unattended by their respected laners. She also excels at defending towers making it possible to freeze and or minimize turret damage. It’s actually a really fun time poking with Anivia the way I play her is like keeping a constant movement in a sort of figure eight.

Hard matchups will likely be other heavy poke champions such as brand and Zyra. Zyra, in particular, will wreak havoc on your front lines so be wary of initiation and let the enemy make mistakes or just do your best to deny farm. throwing up a last second wall or over extended storm can easily manipulate the pathing of enemies and will allow you to hit your stun and shatter combo to max damage.

There is some debate as to whether she offers enough damage passively and you should build her to be more healthy and tanky. OR what I like to do and just go full glass cannon and build straight AP with maybe a Zz’rot Portal as your defensive item. Zz’rot is great on Anivia for a few reasons. I like to use it to divert attention away from skirmishes in mid lane. This is especially important if you are behind as catching an enemy out and away from their team could net your team some gold. It doesn’t always work and should be approached cautiously.

Playing Anivia Support can really be fun and I do hope you give it a shot!!trollwall


You can also troll the hell out of people with your wall. Just dont troll your team or they will hate you and you will give all anivia players a bad name.



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