Hi, welcome to the Android GBA(Gameboy Advance) Emulation how to!

IF you are using an android phone this should be pretty quick and simple.

IF you are using an Iphone or any other type of phone such as a flip phone from the 90s then I suggest you throw that garbo away and get your life right.

If you have enough space to get any game in the playstore and play it then you have more than enough space to download John GBA Lite and a dozen or so games. Use discretion when downloading games because it is illegal to use ROMs you do not own. In my past I have bought every single GBA title known to man so I use them all frequently.

We will be utilizing a wonderful website that deserves your hard earned money if you are a retro head as you will be soon entering retro heaven. Welcome to the past, present, and future. Emuparadise is your one stop shop for all games retro. If you are having a hard time figuring all of this out I have installed this handy dandy numbered list that should get you to the emu of your dreams and the games of your past.

  1. Own Android Phone
  2. Download John GBA Lite from the playstore
  3. Visit Emuparadise.me
  4. Click ROMs, ISOs, and Games
  5. Find the Gameboy Advance under handheld/cellphone
  6. Search the titles for games you love
  7. Click the game
  8. Under the quick Navigation index click the Direct Download Link
  9. Click the Download link
  10. Submit the CAPTCHA and download for happy days!
  11. To play simply open the emulator
  12. The ROMs will place themselves magically in front of your eyes
  13. Pick one and play on, Garth

Thanks for stopping by and have a supa coor day!


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