On Grinding through Bronze part 2

On Grinding through Bronze part 2

Can we analyze the meta and pick champions such as Blitzcrank and Sejuani(who currently have very high win-rates) to pick up some progression in Bronze? You bet, and I did. Already at 50 lp in Bronze 2. I’m setting my sights for Silver and Beyond.

LoL(League of Legends) elo hell ranked game-play(the kind of competitive e-sports that can net pro players in millions a year) often revolves around pro-picks and meta-picks. What I find to work the best is instead of trying to adapt to the meta is making the meta work for my play-style. I enjoy playing champions with a strong sense of survival and a somewhat equal fight or flight capability. While it certainly helps to have experience playing the enemy champion or being familiar with them the most important thing in ranked is being comfortable playing your champion and knowing the ins and outs of combat capabilities of said champion.


More art by Kaiseresc

Blitzcrank has always served me well in the role of Support. He offers some of the best aggressive play making potential in the game. I tend to rely on the enemy to make mistakes more often than not. In this elo it is common to see various movement patterns and predicting them just takes time to notice them. I hold the mechanical champion in high esteem. Top tier along with other play-makers like Thresh.



tumblr_nig8kc8OYw1rgj7ubo1_500As for Sejuani, she is a very fun champ with a great kit that benefits any team wanting a highly diverse tank. She has a dash knockup that can be combo’d with flash and ult to stop an entire enemy team dead in their tracks safely while you can effectively run away or engage with your team. She is a natural tank and has decent clear speed. Her ult can change any situation into a favorable one and should be used to make plays as well as saved for better plays if you predict them.

While I don’t main Support anymore I noticed that one of my main Champions had rose in win-rate and remained very low in ban rate. It was strange I also noticed my main Jungle pick had rose very high in win-rate and kept a very low ban rate. I changed my focus from Teemo top lane and began to Queue for Jg and Supp. Currently sporting a 4-0 win streak on Blitz. Of course Sej is one of my favorites of all time so I play her a lot but 6-3 isn’t so bad is it? That was my approach to series and Bronze 2.

Will I find all the Dragon Balls and wish my way out of Bronze? Find out next time on Leisure League!


As the second installment and log of my experience On Grinding Through Bronze if you want to check out the first you can always find it here. On Grinding Through Bronze


On Grinding Through Bronze Elo Rank

On Grinding Through Bronze Elo Rank

So, last year was pretty devastating to my original League of Legends account. The circumstances which arrived me to my placements matches were not by coincidence. All done in one night; fate served me with an awe-full Bronze 4 ranking. I had practically given up on grinding out that terrible dredge after experiencing a full blown league tilt. I literally saw only negativity when playing by observing myself and my team with zero motivation. Blaming an entire loss on others or taking the blame myself it didn’t seem to matter much. It wasn’t even fair to be playing the game with trolls or afk ratios that were a quarter of all my ranked games being trolled or afk. I felt a hopeless despair and began playing other games. I also lost interest in this blog for quite a while.

I did begin to pick up league again towards the end of the season and safely climbed to Bronze 1 with 99 points the moment the season had ended. Needing only 1 win to make silver at that. Of course I made Silver but alas the season has already begun again. Here I am reliving a similar situation although for my own sanity it seems it would slightly improve. Although, my placement matches alone were tragedy and I actually had two afk matches and two trolled matches. The foreboding sense of bad luck… I somehow ended up in Bronze 3. Showing that even with the efforts of countless hours I still get the shaft. Only just starting the season a few months ago I have finally made it to Bronze 2 series. What a joy.

This season I’m excited to be able to pick my roles. I am looking forward to climbing out of bronze once again and setting my sights on Gold 5 as my marker. I am banking on my champion pool for jungle and support. Alternatively, I have been maining Teemo top lane. I am having the worst luck with picking teemo bc I tend to get trolled by teammates who have lost morale or faith in my ability to perform by picking teemo. I have had a few bad games as well just entirely my fault for the enemy onslaught. It is nerve wrecking to experience but I try my best to just view it as a learning experience.

The rate at which I climbed from the over encumbered pits of elo hell was so very rapid, having only taken place in about 4 weeks(this is very short for me since I rarely got to play more than one game a day except on the weekends), that I  would like to write about and document the experience this season. Restraining from making negative posts I think I will be able to reach my before-mentioned goal of gold 5 ranking.

My current standings.

GBA Legend of Zelda: The Minish reCap

GBA Legend of Zelda: The Minish reCap

Being away from home allows me the opportunity to explore. To experience the splendor of adventure and spend my time saving the princess.. hold up. Why am I playing video games in my pursuit of adventure in the real world? Priorities! You have to save the princess. Its pretty basic. Damsel in Distress; the classic scenario. Some don’t see this as an opportunity such as that of a chore. You are bound by the laws of man. If you don’t save this Princess then you yourself will never reach true potential. The true potential of being a well renown bad-ass. Does it matter that your renown is confined to the medium of which is your gaming console?  Please, dont ask me. Cynically self absorbed into this culture of gaming I must not concern myself with these questions. For now we must move forward.

Currently emulating on my Android phone. Using John GBA Lite. I play a few other GBA titles as well but of course we are not talking about those today.. I get my ROMS from emuparadise and if you are new to emulating or just want to check out my work Retro Gaming Emulation: howto and whyto.

Artist bellhenge


Ahhh, The Legend of Zelda. What a nostalgic title for me. You too? That makes three of us.. Numbers and words smh… heh. This specific title for GBA is simply put outstanding. Very fun to play with everything you love from the classic NES and GB title with loads more. The Minish Cap is very inviting and can easily be enjoyed by all ages. The puzzles and mastery of skills and items has left me wanting to hack and slash my way back through every deaths recap. Yes. I have died. Will continue to die and will continue to live on.

I will try not to spoil anything for those who have not had the pleasure of exploring this game yet. I would like to talk about some of the things I like about this title. The level design is flawless and very entertaining to embark into. I think the minish cap really banked on its ability to utilize the space provided to it maximum potential. It allows you to very early realize that there is more potential in the early levels than what you are allowed to partake in at present time. This gave me a meaningful purpose and an easy eye on the prize mentality.

minish capThe actual game design is beautiful. The colors are vibrant and well contrasted in particular events and scenes. The gameplay is smooth and controls are clearly executed to a high degree of perfection. Storytelling is very entertaining and well thought. Many secrets to uncover. Lack of in game secret checklist is nice. I enjoy finding them by suprise! The artwork is very nice. The game is a must play for anyone who enjoys retro style 2D sprites.

It can be rather annoying to switch weapons all the time. I wish there were a quick switch  with maybe two favorites to make the gameplay a bit more smooth. I also think there should be an earlier 2nd Wallet upgrade. Otherwise you just end up spending your hard earned rupees on lots of treasure containing pies and sweets. I enjoy the sidequests too much to allow them to sit idly by. You should also know that you will spend a considerable amount of time treasure hunting if you dont want to mow the lawn. rupes

Being a kid is hard work but you’re going to save this princess so saving up for that sweet boomerang is a definite must. Ive personally found multiple 200 Rupi in various hidden chests before even defeating the second boss. Adventure hard and spend quick. Catch some chickens= PAYDAY!Pies and sweets for days. Every blade of grass, tree, rock, pot, hole, chimney, shoe, etc. can be manipulated in some way shape or form to enhance the progression of the game.

All in all I believe Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap to be one of the best games for the GBA(Gameboy Advance) and strongly urge you to pick it up and try it out.

Hurricane Teemo

Hurricane Teemo

Runaans Hurricane is building a heavy following of die hard split pushers including our favorite champion Captain Teemo. With items like Zz’rot Portal seeing a lot of play time we are seeing a very high increase in the split push strategy. Champions with on hit effects benefit the most from Hurricane. Teemo is a very effective split pusher with his stable map control via mushrooms and invisibility to juke on coming ganks.

Hurricane Teemo is fun! Portal pushing with Hurricane is devastating if an objective is being pushed hard. I do enjoy getting first kill and for that ignite is always nice but having Teleport is going to be more valuable when the laning phase is over. Playing Teemo alone is a global taunt that invites enemies into your bubble. USE THIS! Never use mushrooms to push a lane the damage is good yes but the minefield is most effective in detecting oncoming ganks.

An acceptable way to deny enemy CS is to play aggressive and push them under tower. Before you do this you must consider the location of the enemy jungler and of course pay attention to the other lanes which will sometimes team up just to stop the onslaught you most certainly will inflict unchecked. To further bully an enemy that is under turret you can effectively place mushrooms into the caster minions and do your best to pop off a quick Q and AA that will tick them down a sizeable amount of health.

A lot of speculation arises when rushing Hurricane on any Champion as it allows your enemy to capitalize on damage and dueling power. This is definitely a factor to consider depending on your laning phase and how well your play is going. If you are falling behind it can help ramp up your ability to CS but beware of pushing too hard and getting ganked obviously you will want to try and allow the enemy to keep you pushed for the easy turret farm.

If you are being bullied but steadily keeping up in farm it can help you to deny CS as well by pushing them under turret where you can easily harass or CS until the turret is no more. I would say the most important part of the early laning phase is securing your safety in the top lane. I strongly suggest buying a pink ward for river or tri bush. Shrooming accordingly(see Teemo the Swift Scout: Top Lane Shroom Placement for help ) will help you secure kills, deny ganks, and basically apply unwanted pressure to the enemy team. They will be scared of what you may have cooked up and will use resources that they normally shouldnt just to ensure you are dealt with. EXPECT to be ganked and harassed nonstop.


Its not hard to learn how to play Teemo. Their are many different ways to play him and he is definitely a viable champion in ranked. Inflict mass destruction by using a skin and remember yordle is master race.

League of Legends – Patch 6.6 INFECTED WITH MALWARE [BEWARE]



Before I start, I hold a 4 year Information System Security Degree (paid hacker), I know my shit. Today while playing league of legends, at around 9:10pm Eastern Time my anti-virus updated and detected a Trojan in the league client. Not only that, my brother, with his speakers turn on, detected it on McAfee and I heard it, and my friend who I was skyping with noticed it on Windows Defender too, AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. It seems anti-viruses have found the identified malware hash so it’s “found” and can be protected agaisnt, but be careful. A Trojan is essentially a backdoor, so it doesn’t pose an immediate threat to users, but i highly recommend EVERYONE scans their computer. This is not a joke.

BEWARE – Once your anti-virus picks up the virus, since the virus is attached to essential files, including the…

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Up Coming Reviews

Havent really been able to contribute much lately due to lack of time having a full time job and part time with no days offs. I have been sparingly watching lots of great stuff in my time off and playing various games.

Here’s a list of some upcoming reviews:

  • Inuyasha
  • Diablo 3
  • Spawn the Movie
  • Spawn the Animated Series
  • Hearthstone
  • Mad Max
  • Soul Eater
  • No Game No Life

Other updates: I am no longer playing League of Legends. I would like to find a contributor to work with who does still play and can help me bring some relevant stuff to the table. I will be covering Heroes of the Storm for the time being as my main squeeze. Obviously going to start doing more movie and show reviews. I am also thinking about doing some creative writing and story-boarding and might end up putting some excerpts on here as well. Anyways to the 1-2 people who will read this thanks and I hope you will comment and give me some feedback.

HotS Tyrande Support: How To

HotS Tyrande Support: How To

Your favorite support Tyrande the sexy night elf High Priestess of Elune has come into my spotlight. Tyrande offers some of the most offensive and destructive support in the game and I highly recommend that if you havent picked her up yet then do so. Her kit is extremely viable in all situations and her presence in a team fight will offset the entire flow of enemy synergy.

As any blizzard character would she possesses a very deep background in lore of which I do not feel like I should really delve into here as this is my pick up and drop off how to.

Tyrande will really compliment any team that has a high damage output. Some of my favorite team comps have been:

  • Tyrande, Kael Thas, Sylvanas, Brightwing, Jaina.
  • Tyrande, Diablo, Valla, Kael Thas, Illidan.
  • Tyrande, Jaina, Kerrigan, Anub’arak, Li Li

She works well with any team composition as long as you the individual have a good understanding of focus and who to mark, when to mark them, who to stun, when to stun them, etc.. etcc…

I currently hold a 65% win rate using Tyrande. Although it is not my highest she quickly became my first pick for main game play.

I typically only build her a certain way and will only variate my build depending on the situation.

Tyrande is a ranged support who is rather squishy. You will find her heal to be rather dull unless you pick up her level 13 talent overflowing light which i highly recommend. She has a great stun. A cross map vision skillshot on hit dmg attack. A devastating AOE slow, and last but not least a hunters mark which makes a single target enemy more vulnerable to damage by 25% for 4 seconds.

My talent tree comments and recommendations;

Level 1:

  1. Rangers Mark; lowers your mark cd by 8 seconds and top pick imo
  2. Celestial Attunement: lowers mana cost of heal by 15. insignificant
  3. Empower: reduces all cds on hit sentinel. It isnt as good as rangers mark in any situation.
  4. Seasoned Marksman: Increases basic atk dmg for ever 6 minions killed. Tyrande is much better playing support role than any type of dmg.

Level 4:

  1. Pierce: Sentinel hits all enemies in its path. more for dmg + util tyrande
  2. Protective Shield: single target shield. not as effective as good ol fashion heals in yo face
  3. Focused Attack: 75% basic attack dmg increase every 10 seconds. again not for support
  4. Searing Arrows: Active ability that increases AD by 40% for 5 secs. burst dmg not for supports
  5. Healing Ward: placement ward that heals allies within range for 1.95% health every second for 10 secs. This is the most efficient choice for support tyrande as you can drop this anywhere and can save your entire team from the jaws of defeat with an overall 5 man heal of 20% each. max of 100% to your entire team.

Level 7:

  1. Quickening Blessing: Gives ally 25% speed increase for 3 sec when healed. Use this when team has low disengage or mobility.
  2. Lunar Blaze: increases range of stun. I typically use this as it can help catch enemies out of lane and give you an edge with xp grind. Very good for ganking.
  3. Battle Momentum: reduces cd by .5 secs per attack. more for util or atk dmg tyrande build
  4. Mule: summons mule who heals and repairs buildings near target point for 40 secs. just dont lol.

Level 10:

Starfall…Area of Affect atk and 20% slow for 8 secs. Seriously you cant go wrong with this pick. Shadowstalk is only viable if you have a full team in voice chat and can work together like that. Starfall is going to give you a huge gap of space to separate enemies from their teammates and disrupt the flow of any team fight.

Level 13:

  1. Overflowing Light:  When you are above 50% health you heal allies for an extra 35%. THIS is sooo good and will bring anyone back into action with proper positioning and dodge.
  2. Shrink Ray: Single target enemy movement speed and atk spd 50% cut for 4 secs. Not bad but I still prefer the heal upgrade.
  3. Sprint: increase movement speed by 75% for 3 seconds. util/split push not for true support
  4. Huntress Fury: gain 40% atk spd when using mark. dmg buff for atk tyrande? lol not support

Level 16:

  1. Ranger:Sentinel increased width by 100% and dmg increase by distance up to 200%. Can be really good if coupled with Pierce and even just for the snipe.
  2. Shooting Star: stun deals 50% more dmg and refunds all mana on hit of enemy hero. Top pick for sustain and dmg increase.
  3. Mark of Mending: attacks on marked targets heal for 2.5% max health. more for ad tyrande wuuut
  4. Trueshot Aura: passively increases surrounding allies AD by 15%. This is decent for support tyrande but does not afford her any actual worth other than teamfight potential which is great but sometimes you have to solo so i say not today.

Level 20:

  1. Celestial Wrath: Starfall global cast range with 30% dmg increase.can be great for helping a lane push without any real presence or just setting up for a team fight ahead time and the dmg increase obviously just makes it better in every other way too. Second pick tho.
  2. Nexus Frenzy: Increase atk speed and atk range by 20%. AD pick
  3. Storm Shield: Active Area team shield for 20% of max health 3 secs. Not a bad pick if you dont have a tank or another support.
  4. Rewind: Resets all basic abilities cd. OBVIOUSLY best ability for tyrande for max helpfulness and teamfight capability.

I have found that of course positioning is very important but  team synergy is going to be more so influenced by encouraging your team, playing smart, choosing your battles wisely, and keeping objectives in mind before mindlessly roaming for ganks.

Tyrande cannot afford to be focus of enemy. Your positioning is always going to place yourself behind atleast one ally. Focus should be slowing any tanks with Starfall and stunning enemy dmg dealers immediately after marking them for max dmg. Always attempt to predict enemy whereabouts to avoid a gank by scouting with your Sentinel. It is better to heal early than not at all especially if you have rewind up.

Tyrande is probably one of the only supports who is a viable enemy focus bc of her lack of self heal. She makes up for this somewhat by being ranged and having a stun and slow. Please do not get discouraged if you are getting focused and dying before your team. This is easily fixed by practicing proper positioning and maintaining it at all times.

Please let me know if you have any recommendations for me as I would love to try them out. Thanks for reading. Oh, and check out www.patreon.com/personalami for more great art.