Played a few games this week noticing that Sej my favorite jungle is now extremely OP and is holding the top position in ban rates. Is she OP? YES! It’s hilarious the only way i can get away with playing her is to Q up in team build as her. Every draft pick I go into insta-bans her and every blind Q I just pretty much bank on having to support. Her popularity has risen quite a bit as well and her win rate is also top position. I have to wonder what rito will do about this. I hope they dont take away from her functionality. Maybe a damage nerf would even the playing field. She is really not that strong as far as damage but I’m typically building full tank as she exceeds so well at soaking up damage and disrupting team fights. As predicted in my Cinderhulk Sejuani post she is top tier meta and will be until rito decides a nerf is in order. Other Junglers to look out for are Amumu, Hecarim, and Shyvana all of which should be played full blown tank or off tank depending on the top lane.


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