Bored of LoL and browsing STEAM for possible outlets of entertainment I thought I’d try out TOME after reading some pretty positive reviews. Going through the tutorial was alright. Nothing really stood out but I wasnt playing with sound and maybe there were voice relayed instructions. It was extremely easy to just figure out what to do by clicking around and playing another match though.

Basically this game is a broke down team fight oriented MOBA that doesnt focus on last hitting or require you return to base for items or healing. My first impression was that it had decent graphics and great loading time. The UI is fairly well integrated although I was searching for a few things at first I discovered most of what I feel is really important within 2 matches. The controls are somewhat smooth coming from such a decorated game as LoL i felt very at ease using abilities on quick cast.

The GUARDIAN select5ion is rather small right now but the game is fairly new moving forward with slow development. I found the abilities to be rather pleasing and the three guardians I did use were honestly fun to play and easy to understand. There is a very simple item selection that I find can make shopping faster especially with the in lane option to channel the item to you which takes all of two seconds. The towers have a built in overheat feature that shuts them off and making them vulnerable to more damage allowing for extreme diving potential and hard lane pushing.

The only real cons I found with my experience was the very low playerbase. I met four other people in co-op vs AI 3v3 over the course of about ten games. The other matches I was forced to play with bots who until you gain a lead will attempt to do something productive on their own. But when you have a few kills and have downed a turret will simply follow you EVERYWHERE. I think the bots and AI could use some modification. The Q also does not notify you when tabbed out so you must remain on the game to accept a match.

Other than that I really see a lot of potential for this game the model is great and they have very nice gameplay. Some may say that the PVP is unbalanced but I havent experienced this yet due to the low playerbase I did not feel like sitting in q more than 5 mins for a PVP match. I’d like to see the game grow in popularity so please check it out and see what you think for yourself.


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