I would just like to pass on the wonderful tale of my time in the Horde Strike Force. This guild was put together by Strike Lord Gug and is primarily an RP-PVP(roleplaying-player v player) guild on the server of Maelstrom. Now I had been through a many of the so called pvp guilds on maelstrom and even a couple of pve guilds but no other guild has EVER stood up to this experience.

Bloodelf Pally
Bloodelf Pally

The guild is an active ARMY in the virtual World of Warcraft. They can easily be seen marching through the streets or patrolling the surrounding lands. The tolerance for Alliance life is zero and they arent asking questions. Its a beat first and beat some more later relationship.

I joined this guild in mid 2010 during the lich king xpac on my Blood Elf Paladin Alladdin and quickly fell in love with the way things were going. I was currently in the US Army and would often qeue up for a few battlegrounds with guildmates on my lunch break. The other members were constantly role-playing and there was ALWAYS something going on. I really began to become a dedicated member after my first raid on the Alliance city Stormwind. Which lasted about an hour and a half it was hilarious bc we all met together at the small little town outside and began to get some attention after a few low level alliance toons were bombarded with 50+ Horde maxed out killing the Alliance NPCs.

After a few excursions we attempted to walk our way into the front gates but with all the attention we drew from the previous battles the Alliance overwhelmed us causing a retreat and our leaders came up with an alternative entry plan bc we were not about to give up that easy. We regrouped on a mountain to the east and flew in careful of the flying guards and landed on a building close to the docks and just started picking off NPCs and anyone who dare target us. Descending to the streets we made our way through the city wreaking havoc at every corner.

Sylvannus Cosplay by
Sylvannus Cosplay by

It became quite hilarious when we all holed up inside the orphanage for a short duration and discussed what the plan was and if we were going to attempt to run back through and pick up our members who had died in the onslaught. Time was of the essence and if you didnt live long enough to make it close to the orphanage by the time we bolted out then you were just a sad lost puppy.

The actual full retreat I cant really recall but we spent quite a numerous amount of time in the alleyways by the train station and even in the station fighting the endless wave after wave of Alliance SCUM. Hahahaha. My first raid was a glorious success and really helped me to make the bonds necessary to make rank and become a more prominent member.

I was last promoted to Soldier which is literally nothing to brag about but I thought it was very cool being a full member of the biggest guild and best guild on maelstrom. If I could ever get some more members I would definitely want to use HSF as my model and go from there.

So TY all members of HSF you made it great for me and even though I dont play WoW anymore I wish you all the best!

Video by an Alliance guild who got fed up with being raided


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