Having played countless hours of Rift in my past I have once again picked up the torch to defend the realm Telara. After a leave of absence that spanned about a year I have jumped back into the action that is RIFT. A game that is seemingly free to play and actually very fun.

fanart by http://der-reiko.deviantart.com/
fanart by http://der-reiko.deviantart.com/

Rift is a fantasy MMO that connects players with other gamers to battle forces from other planes of reality.-GameSpot

In geology, a rift is a linear zone where the Earth’s crust and lithosphere are being pulled apart and is an example of extensional tectonics.-Wikipedia

In this game which is very much like WoW if you have ever played, but very different in its lore and gameplay, you are one of the MANY people who can save the world by venturing throughout the lands helping others and closing the RIFTs that have come forth causing chaos and mayhem in the world of Telara.

I actually really enjoy how this game has a model that the world is always in a constant crisis and it is up to you to bring an end to any one situation. Of course you can always team up with others in a public group but its not needed in every situation though it is nice to gain the upper hand and receive the extra awards that come with going further into RIFTs.

I play a cleric and recently reached level 47 on a PVP realm of which I wont name but will state that I chose this bc of my love for world PVP. I also run a guild of which is too young to even mention but I am fairly certain I will obtain some new members and we will make our way up the ranks in RIFT guild.dom.. LOL.

fanart by http://hirooyuuki.deviantart.com/
fanart by http://hirooyuuki.deviantart.com/

There are many facets of interaction that other MMO’s may not have available including the instant adventure. Which throws you into a specific area using the mentor level if it is lower than your own level and has you complete quests with a party of anywhere between 2-some strange number I cant find. This method of leveling is extremely fast combined with in game experience modifiers. Also the RIFT name of the game is a constant battle cross faction with other worldly being that if left unchecked can completely wreck the map and the area you may be trying to quest in.

Other aspects of the game include being free to play. The level grind can be somewhat long if you are not used to mmorpg’s but I find it accordingly decent in order to properly learn how to play the many different areas of your class. PVP in this game is less structured than that of the competitive LoL but is very fun and can be very challenging with a vast amount of spells and abilities to be used a new player may find themselves in awe to anyone who can successfully maneuver the characters full potential.

Overall I really prefer this game to WoW. I used to play WoW and I became bored with the way things were heading in that game. As far as MMORPG’s go I would really recommend this game to anyone who enjoys them and is looking for something more than what WoW has to offer.


CONS: pay to win? well you definitely have to pay in order to have access to convenience. Not exactly something that would make you a winner but in order to sell anything on AH you have to buy in. I will hold off on spending my money until im sure that I want to dedicate that time into this game.


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