I have been putting this one off due to a bad start on this game almost having cleared Day one in under an hour. I died during one of the more important story line battles due to not using a potion and not understanding the mechanics of the enemy attack. I played this game with my sister as a young tike and enjoyed her enthusiasm for the “scary” moments LOL. Horrified as I was it seemed as if I was addicted to the genre and quick became on my way to playing them throughout my remaining years as a gamer.

cosplay by http://ladyxzero.deviantart.com/
cosplay by http://ladyxzero.deviantart.com/

This game is about New York City cop Aya Brea. We begin the story after the opening scene that depicts some very strange and disturbing happenings and alien creatures. Arriving at the opera house to catch a date our character is stunning in a red dress. She and her date converse as they walk into the theater preparing for the show. He is almost sure to get lucky after a night at the opera one would think but the evening turns sour when the lead actress begans to somehow combust the situation into a frenzy by literally causing spontaneous combustion.

“The mitochondria KNOW”-Eve

Our character is somehow resilient to these attacks and being the super cool cop that she is decides that its time to investigate and bring justice to the situation. We are given full control at this point and have the option to delve further into the theater or exit to the street. In the street we find two fellow officers and a medic. One of the officers will restock you with ammo and the other is just a good for nothing goose. The medic as you can probably guess will heal you.

Adventuring further into the theater we find a great big gaping hole. LETS JUMP IN THAT BAD BOY! Likely the hole was created in a cut scene but i cant remember so we will just pretend that if we believe in magic then stuff like this can be explained outside of what is the truth. The games fighting mechanics are subpar for this generation of gaming. I feel like it could have been better bc the “arena” just happens to be wherever you are in the game though I dont mind that the battles dont take particularly long.

art by http://dragon54082.deviantart.com/
art by http://dragon54082.deviantart.com/

So I assume we are fighting some stupid ugly mutated rats by now and wondering when does this story line move forward an inch! Well what you didnt know is that you should be searching the closets, the burned bodies, and anything that seems searchable. Bound to find something worth your while the story just must move on. When we find the key to the dressing room and read the very strange diary of the main actress we realize that whatever is truly wrong is originating from this individual and we continue our search.

Eve is located at the end of the hallway underneath the theater. Sorry for the teaser but you are gonna want to get into that room out of anticipation to bring a close to this investigation. After approaching her she turns into some mutated Queen bee human and begins to battle you. This fight killed me and I didnt play again for two weeks making it super hard for me to finish writing this review. I finally mustered up the courage to jump back into battle and take her out carefully staying in between her quadruple plasma beam cannon attack so as to not take any damages.

Upon defeating her you receive a sweet new pistol and a new hole opens up leading further down into the sewers. Taking this route you will encounter a few more fights before seeing a girl from earlier in the game and being enticed to follow her to a closed gate where you have the option to save. After this you can also open the gate and enter. After you enter you see Eve and she discusses important storyline information telling you about yourself and how important you are to this game LOL. games… Then you fight a big stupid mutated alligator?

fanart by http://daimonminerva.deviantart.com/
fanart by http://daimonminerva.deviantart.com/

This game was sooo good in my memory. After revisiting it I can still appreciate the storyline and artwork though the mechanics are a bit too classic to be reused. I would recommend this game to anyone who is into the RETRO gaming world and also anyone who enjoys the RPG/horror genre.


6 thoughts on “Parasite Eve Retro Psx Emu bbys

    1. hahaha! My experience with horror games can be descrived as watching my brother and sister playing them while I watched in awe. I was only brave enough to play them years later after my family was no longer one unit and I had to grow up. Most people would describe this game as a mixture of Final Fantasy and Resident Evil.

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      1. well you can always use a sandbox to partition and figure it out without any risk at all to you actual computer. I could probably write something up about it. It’s a fairly safe online community IMO but i def understand the skepticism about free ‘viruses’.

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