In my absence from posting on here I have been very busy with life stuff. Looking for gainful employment, catching up on breaking bad, socializing and staying in touch with loved ones among other things. I also took a few hours aside after downloading DotA2 to familiarize myself with it and play the tutorial and a few bot matches.

cosplay by
cosplay by

First of all the tutorial was absolutely splendid and I honestly loved it. Im going to give a very bland description of the experience I had. I get into the bot game and im farming, im farming, poking and farming, poking and farming, the game is similar to league in this! Everyone should know I love LoL. I just quickly lost interest in this slow moving creep towards tower destruction. I had a hard time securing kills. Even when trying different roles in different bot games I still just couldnt enjoy any of the experience. It was not any slower than what LoL would have been but it just seemed to drag on relentlessly and bore me.

I honestly want to say its the dark and foreboding color scheme. Not that LoL is bright and happy but the blues and purples just seem to be a better choice for such a lengthy type of game. I like the secret shop idea and the flying donkey as well those are both top notch features that make things interesting. It’s also interesting to me that you can deny gold to the enemy teams my destroying your own buildings. Very strategic plans could be made.


The game seems pretty solid with a high fan base but I just cant get into the groove of enjoying the play. I had such high hopes from the beautiful tutorial but soon lost interest and havent made the venture back yet. Hopefully soon I will be able to give it a proper go and hold a serious opinion about it but until then im stuck with LoL and Smite.


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