Okay, so I have been playing A LOT of LoL lately. Recently reached Silver III from Bronze I in like a week. Which is really cool to me since I only just started playing again like a month ago lol. Right now I am maining support with toons like Thresh and Alistar. My would be mains Shyvana and Sejuani JUNGLE have not been giving me much luck. But I did have some really good matches with Teemo top and even considered maining Teemo. This idea quickly made the backburner when I was last pick 3 games in a row and had to support. I really dont mind but people hate when I teemo support even tho im really good at it.

My Terrible Stats...
My Terrible Stats…

I would really just like to brush up on the ideas behind going ranked versus just playing casually. I believe that casual gameplay would inspire someone to play ranked. likewise i believe that ranked gameplay would do the same for casual. they go hand in hand with competitive gaming.

In LoL there are no rules to when you can start playing ranked besides being lvl 30 and owning a set amount of champions. Rito doesnt require you to have 3 champs in each role that you can rely upon if it so happens that you will have to play this role. It just becomes an unspoken rule. If you are serious about ranked and actually applying yourself to becoming a better player then you will make the appropriate safe guards for any situation. Including making sure you at the least have 2 full rune pages with AP and AD runes.

I know I’m not a pro and I know that im probably not even good at all lol but the acknowledgement of these things gives me a wonderful opportunity: making improvement. I think to make improvement is the only way you can really even have fun playing this game. It can be difficult sometimes when you are losing to look at what you did wrong when you won your lane. This is a very important tool towards improving: NEVER FLAME OR BLAME.

Understanding each champion can also be difficult for those of us who are not veterans to this game and I believe it is imperative to always try to crunch in some research if you dont fully understand the enemy champions abilities or top builds. I will usually leave Mobafire up in my browser before I begin a match and if I find myself facing someone im not comfortable laning against or even late game team fighting against I will alt tab and look that junk up.

There is so much going on in this game at all times. It can really confuse you as to the tactics of your team or enemy team. Overall I believe that staying positive and keeping a good focus will keep your team from tunneling and tilting the tide in favor of the enemy team even if you are down by half in kills you can still have one good teamfight and turn it around being able to take some objective and gain some ground. Just keep fighting the good fight and if you see your mates making some bad plays dont let it get you down.



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