So, after downloading the latest epsxe and acquiring the proper addons at romcollector and emulatorzone I began my journey into the beautiful land of Final Fantasy IX my favorite of the final fantasy series. I love the artwork in this game it is cartoony and holds a lot of depth and really suits the atmosphere of the game. The storyline is really something you dont want to miss out on as well with so many good characters that always make me laugh. The battle mechanics are easy to understand and progression into the story is quick and breezy never leaving you with a dull moment.

Anyways, we meet the main character Zidane after the opening scene that shows a beautiful girls dream of a simple ship against a great storm. She then awakens in front of a window with a sunlit sky full of happy birds atop a great castle standing above the grand city of Alexandria. Zooming across the horizon we see a great ship sailing through the clouds and on the bow a winged mermaid. Here we are, aboard the magnificent flying airship Tantalus. We arrive in a dark room holding a candle and given control at this point to walk around. After exploring the small room I find some hidden items, a sign defining the ship and its maximum occupancy, and proceed to light the candle which brings the other members of Tantalus(Blank, Cinna, and Marcus) out to greet me.


Shortly after our hellos in comes a dragon headed man beast who releases a mighty roar and lays down a fierce beating as it initiates a fight with my party. One of my party members Cinna; A rather ugly looking fellow with a sledge hammer looking weapon(mace), dies twice in the battle from one hit of this dragon headed mans sword. Being in a party of thieves isnt all that bad though, they may be rather weak but I am able to grab a few nice items off the beast including a Mage Masher which is a really good item for the main character.


As I defeat the beast his head split into two pieces and falls to the wayside revealing a human head beneath. Ah, it is our cunning leader Baku and he is about to debrief us into our next mission. In this den of thieves the gang reviews the plot in order to steal the beautiful princes Garnet. Only by posing as a theater troupe do they gain such close access to the princess and so they must put on a play in order to hatch out the devious job.


Ive been playing for about two hours now and have gotten past the abduction though I wont ruin it for you. I really just meant for this to be a teaser and maybe entice others into buckling down for a nice retro style RPG. This particular one is my very first one ever played surprisingly and led me to playing many many more. A close second favorite being The Legend of Dragoon also for ps1. This genre of gaming has helped me to enjoy many many hours in my childhood and moving forward into my adulthood I can still find the time to enjoy sitting down and admiring the artwork, storyline, and just overall great functionality of this game.


2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy IX Retro psx emu babies

    1. It’s a really great game. My first venture into the RPG genre. I really enjoyed the outlaw type of storyline. It creates a magical adventure with characters you can fall in love with. Just a wonderful experience. I hope you will get to enjoy it soon.

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