The meta is something that is made popular by the pros and discovered by players like you and me. All that it really means is that a certain champion or god performs exceptionally well at doing a certain job specifically better than the other choices for the same job. So what happens when we introduce another job specific champion or god into a different role they normally wouldnt be playing or build into a specific function that may not otherwise be defined in the game other than by your own observation? This is breaking the meta.

There are too many too list in league and i’m not quite all there yet in smite. They are constantly changing as they gain popularity and become a somewhat counter meta pick. This type of playing can commonly be referred to as trolling in the solo q as your team doesnt exactly understand what you are trying to do but if they are experienced enough will understand that it is a serious effort and will not give you hell for trying something new.

One of my favorite types of counter meta builds is a high mobility high lane clear split push specialist. Mostly with this style of build I dont want a high util champion who will be needed in team fights but someone like teemo who is really best at being a bait n troll. Really any champion can succeed at building for this type of play style but I find that teemo exceeds with his kiting capacity and with a hurricane his lane clear becomes incredibly fast.

Typically I will try to make a presence in a lane killing a few minions near my team and setting up a few traps with mushrooms for the engage or disengage. Then make my way to the most vacant lane and begin my push while keeping an eye on the team fight watching for any of the enemy breaking away at which I will simply leave and start taking jungle farm making my way back to the team and or the other lane. This type of pressure allows for your team to always have the advantage with taking the enemy jungle and buffs as well as dragon. Hurricane being the core item. Liandry’s is nice for your shrooms. Guinsoo’s can help bring some hybrid bruising into your gameplay and helps clear lanes faster. You might want to pick up Twin Shadows as well just to make certain of your escape from a lane. If you want more shroom pain a Rabadons will do nicely. Always coming in and out of combat you might wanna get mobil boots but the Atk Spd from Berserkers isnt bad.

fanart by
fanart by

Anyways thats my teemo split push build. I’d love to hear some legendary rare outside the meta builds from you!


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