With my two years of LoL experience it wasn’t too difficult for me to pick up the skills needed in smite to win my first few matches and overall quickly understand the fundamentals to the success of a match. Whereas in LoL I struggled even with having my brother and his group of friends teach me the ways as i only played maybe a game or two every week or so.

Coming to the topic of which game is better and more worth your time.

I find myself playing more games of smite everyday compared to LoL and though I still consider LoL to be my favorite I’m starting to wonder if that may soon change. Things such as the amount of heroes/champions I think will always play in favor of LoL having been around longer and having a vast amount of playable characters. There is a large difference in the quality of the old vs new characters to be played in LoL though and I think this can clearly be seen with a champion such as Yasuo whose Ult can be universally used after any knock-up ability. While the content is all free to the extent that you can buy it with IP it can still take more time than what most people care to put into the game anymore in order to have access to the new champions and is fast on the radar to being a pay to win game for the casual gamer.

This is the push that I believe smite is controlling with its virtually impossible to beat reward system. More content is being released and although the god rotation for the freebies doesn’t rotate nearly as fast as I would like the rewards are so much higher that it almost doesn’t matter to me bc I can buy 2-3 gods before I even have to make a decision to buy the god that just left the rotation. Ive only been playing smite now for 2 months if that and I have 5 masteries and own over 10 gods with a decent win ratio of about 1/1. The same amount of time in LoL with the same win ratio would only allot me to have attained maybe three 6300ip champs if I wanted the newer champs.

Both of the game engines have similarities to previously existing games although the artwork and graphics are somewhat original. LoL has tried to become completely original with its characters and lore and i do applaud that. Smite on the other hand gives people something that they already know(gods) and has real world relation so that is also really cool. The play style of smite may take a small while to get used to coming from league but the entirety of the league play style is harder to get used to for anyone. Overall for graphics, I really dig the leagues cartoony style. But for playability and function I gotta go with smite and the engine they use, the functionality of it is just mad easy to get used to and feels right.

Time in game may not mean a lot to people who have plenty of time to blow but for most people they want a game that is going to give them more for less. I really just cannot see myself spending 4+ hours a day playing league and MAYBE farming 1.5k ip when I can play smite for 2 hours and gain the same amount of in game currency. Its really just not worth it to me anymore and it sucks bc I love to LoL with all my friends but I cant see myself devoting more time to that game with so little reward. The longest match I have been in with smite is about 45mins and that’s bc it was crazy close. The longest match in LoL I’ve had lasted 70mins. On average LoL matches last about 35-45mins whereas Smite matches last about 20-30mins.

No matter where you stand its just a matter of preference I suppose. I myself being more time oriented nowadays than in my past prefer smite. I used to LoL til my heart was content and then LoL some more. Things change and until there is more effort on Riots end to reward its player base I just cant see myself becoming a serious LoL player like I used to be.

LoL fanart by http://mashachruah.deviantart.com/
LoL fanart by http://mashachruah.deviantart.com/

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